Shocking details of Lorenzen Wright’s murder continue to emerge


Lawrence Wright was NBA a star at the peak of his powers when his decomposed body was found in a field back in 2010, yet shocking details of his death continue to surface.

Wright played a total of 13 seasons after being called up to the league in 1996 and disappearing on the night of July 18, 2010.

He survived a divorce from his ex-wife, Sherra Wrightwho subsequently pleaded guilty to her role in Wright’s murder and is now serving a 30-year prison sentence.

A seven-year investigation followed, and the details it uncovered are shocking.

Wright had previously escaped an attempted murder.

Prosecutors have made it clear that Sherra hired Billy Ray Turner and Jimmy Martin to help her in the murder of her ex-husband.

The court was told that two men had earlier arrived at Lorenzen’s Atlanta apartment with an arsenal of weapons.

When they broke into the apartment, they found that Wright was nowhere to be found and left.

Turner and Sherra Wright were romantically involved

Turner was a landscape designer who met Wright at a church they both attended, and the couple became romantically involved with each other.

It is said that the woman he loved could easily manipulate Turner and this played a part in his role in the murder.

Lorenzen Wright nearly ran away

After concocting a plan to lure Lorenzen Wright to a field where he would be killed, Sherra Wright and Turner were unable to carry out the plot unhindered.

Lorenzen managed to escape over the fence before being caught up and shot several times.


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