Shein has Tamara Falcó’s white high boots and cheaper


White is the color that sets the trend in the fashion world in 2022 and Tamara Falcó, as a good “fashion victim”, could not resist wearing it in high-heeled boots. She has combined them very stylishly with a long coat with a lapel collar and a beige belt. If you also want boots like Tamara Falcós in your wardrobe without spending a lot of money, we have listed some at Shein’s new collection for this season that you are sure to love.

Shein’s white boots

Although there were those who thought that white boots would go completely unnoticed, the truth is that they have become the great protagonists of winter collections. They have come back with great force in all their versions: from the highest, like Shein, through the platforms and, of course, the cowboys.

They are very versatile, so you can choose them to complement yours appears on many occasions. With a polo neck knitted dress and a trench coat, they look good for going out for a walk or meeting with friends.

To go to the office, white boots can also be ideal to accompany the working girl clothes that sets trends. If you feel like taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone, go for a suit in a vibrant color like green or pink. You will not only be the best-looking in the office, but you will also be very happy at work.

For an informal event, white boots look good with a fitted dress and a midi-length jacket. With Christmas just around the corner, you can also choose a look like this if you want to go dressed up but not too formal. Perfect for dinner with the family on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve.

As you can check, hewhite heels from Shein They are one of the best purchases you can make to welcome winter as it deserves. You will wear them on many occasions because, apart from being very stylish and versatile, they are also very comfortable.

The block-type heel distributes the body weight more evenly than the classic stiletto heel. With these boots you get visually lengthen the legs and look more stylish without giving up comfort. They are available in Shein’s online store for 31.75 euros, from numbers 35 to 39.


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