Shein covers the viral dress by Name The Brand, María Pombo’s brand, don’t miss out on it this Christmas


Shein has unveiled its own version of the viral Name The Brand dress, one of the favorite garments of the María Pombo brand. You can get a great dress for much less than you imagine, only 11 euros will cost you to get a piece of clothing with which to shine with your own light. If you want to arrive at any party turned into an influencer, do not hesitate, take note of this Shein dress, it is a good ally for the most special parties.

The viral dress by Name The Brand, María Pombo’s brand, is on sale at Shein

The Asian giant Shein is the one that has created a type of dress which has become an almost copy of the one worn by María Pombo. The influencer’s clothing brand is one of the most sought after in the country, thanks to the power of the Pombo we have been able to see pieces that are truly spectacular in every way.

Gold is one of the fashionable colors that thanks to this dress we can see shine in many ways. A good option to give our day to day the finish we are looking for, at parties in which this tone will be the one that makes the difference. An alternative that we can all afford.

The Maria Pombo dress has more detailsIt is a good basic that is characterized by having some elements with which to stand out. The fact that it is crossed will greatly stylize the figure. A most special option that will be the one that will make the difference. Hand in hand with a type of garment that will become a good option for these days.

You can get the viral dress from Name The Brand at a price of 89 euros. An option that you can convert into much less if you choose to buy at Shein. The quality is not the same, but the design is very similar, with which you can be the best dressed for some of the most special and festive days.

It is a dress without too many details that will cost you only 11 euros. Shein has this item of clothing at a bargain price to brighten up the holidays and celebrations. You can get the dress of your dreams for much less than it seems. Search Shein for a clone that is already one of the most desired these days.


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