Shein covers Rosalía’s heels that have gone viral on the streets of Milan


Shein has introduced its own version of heels by Rosalía, the same that has gone viral on the streets of Milan. Rosalía’s style is one of the most special in the world, a mix of textures and elements that make her unique. From nails to heels, she brings us the latest fashion, the trends that everyone wants to imitate, but doesn’t have the same amount of money as the internationally renowned artist. We can copy Rosalía’s style by investing less than 20 euros in Shein heels.

Rosalía is making some heels go viral through the streets of Milan that you can shop at Shein

Rosalía is one of the world famous singers of our country. To get to the top, the singer has created her own image and style. Being one of the most admired women in the world, it’s not surprising that every item of clothing or accessory she wears goes viral in seconds.

On her tour of Europe Rosalía He does not hesitate to discover each of the cities he visits. Milan has become a place to fall in love with these impressive heels. Rosalía has chosen a trend that is on the rise, in a model that Zara versioned in its time and now it’s Shein’s turn.

The Chinese online store have made their own version of the most elegant heels. Rosalía’s way of combining them is what makes the difference, although it is not the only thing that stands out when it comes to this type of accessory. We can wear high heels with the help of some details that will remain on the movies in our Christmas look.

Feathers or hair details are elements that will stand out in a slightly groundbreaking festive or daily look. These heels are the ones that allow us to achieve a finish of 10 using mules similar to Rosalía’s, but at Shein’s price, for only 19 euros we bring them home.

They are mules with feathers that we fell in love with at first sight., Shein has them for much smaller than they seem almost identical to Rosalía’s. You can choose between beige or black. Get them for these holidays, with a thick sock you get a finish worthy of an international star.


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