Shaquille O’Neal makes his Colbert debut and continues to bully Charles Barkley


IIt’s hard to believe but Shaquille O’Neal and Stephen Colbert never met in person to makelate show‘before. He did a lot night shows but not this one. They had already done this once during the pandemic, but it was a zoom call, so they were both nervous about this big event. Shaq decided to enter the show to promote his new cookbook, which many celebrities have done throughout their careers. In the case of Shaq, he admitted that he managed to create several recipes during the pandemic lockdown. In another segment after the first one, Shaq decided to teach Colbert how to make brownies. The result of this snippet was very well received by the public, who knows how funny Shaq can be. For years, we’ve all seen him pair up with Charles Barkley on TNT Sports.

Shaq jokes about Barkley.

During the first segment, Stephen Colbert revealed to Shaq that Charles Barkley had been on The Late Show several times. The big guy took offense at this, jokingly, but Colbert seemed to be nervous about his reaction. During “Chuck’s” previous visit, he jokingly said that O’Neal would advertise tampons if given the chance, because he advertises anything. In response, Shaq did not hesitate to do the same with Colbert. Despite Colbert’s apparent lack of comfort, the interview went pretty well, as Shaq was happy to keep joking about his buddy “Chuck”.

Since they became television personalities, O’Neal and Barkley have managed to have some pretty impressive off-court careers. However, both of them are considered NBA legends, who also managed to become legends of sports television. What makes them so successful is their pranks on each other that never get old. Just go to Youtube and type funny moments of Shaq and Chuck and you will understand what we mean by all this. We’re all wondering how “Chuck” will react to all of Shaq’s jokes about him last Monday.


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