Shakira’s significant family getaway before sitting on the bench


Not even three days have passed since Shakira’s last movement took place, in which through her team of lawyers she released a statement declaring herself a victim of “the methods of the Treasury”, when the one from Barranquilla has once again been the protagonist of all the media Communication. And it is that, in the midst of the controversy, The singer would have chosen to take a break and travel to Miami with her two children and her brother Tonino..

Shakira attends her son’s baseball game / Gtres

Taking into account that it will be during the next few weeks when the interpreter and her offspring cross the pond permanently and to leave Barcelona behind, Shakira has chosen to carry out a first contact with the little ones with what will be their new home, showing them the area where they will settle and the international school they will go to to continue their academic career while meeting new people.

Shakira with Sasha / Gtres
Shakira with Sasha / Gtres

At the moment, no more details are known about this getaway or about when the artist plans to return to Spain. What it does seem is that she is fully invested in this new stage of her life, which, far from being an inconvenience for her children, she hopes will be something totally beneficial for their respective futures, which will remain completely removed from the media focus on which they are given Gerard Piqué’s relationship with Clara Chía. On the other hand, and taking into account that he has separated from FC Barcelona as a player, it is possible that the Catalan also moves to Miami to be closer to his children. Something that, for now, is a mystery, so we will have to wait a few months to find out the athlete’s final decision, and if his current partner has a place in it.

Shakira with her son / Gtres
Shakira with her son / Gtres

An oasis in the middle of the desert

It is especially striking that this trip took place a few hours after the statement issued by Shakira’s legal team, which is a declaration of intent in defense of her client. And it is that, the magistrates consider that “media pressure has been carried out to get him to plead guilty”, having exercised the Treasury a “violation of the fundamental rights of the artist” in order to use it “for exemplary purposes for the rest of Spanish taxpayers.” A blunt testimony that jeopardizes the next appearance of the interpreter of Congratulations on the bench of the Provincial Court of Barcelona, ​​having been accused of six crimes against the Public Treasury for defrauding 14.5 million euros in two years by pretending that he was not a resident in Spain. Now, the Colombian’s main objective is to demonstrate her truth and convince the judge that she requested a sentence of eight years and two months for Gerard Piqué’s ex, while she continues to recover from her recent break with the former soccer player and from the difficult moments that he is going through due to his father’s state of health.


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