Shakira’s last check: her father admitted again


New setback for Shakira. Just a few weeks after it has been confirmed that an agreement has finally been reached with Gerard Piqué on the custody of the couple’s two children and that the artist’s transfer to Miami could occur at any time, the father of the Colombian it had to be entered again.

Shakira a few days ago at her son’s baseball game.

As has been reported, William Mebarak began to feel bad and went to the hospital to perform some tests. The medical team in charge of Shakira’s father decided that it was best for him to remain hospitalized for a few hours under medical supervision.

According to the information that has been known, early this Thursday morning, Mebarak arrived at the Quirón-Teknon Hospital of Barcelona accompanied by his son Tonino. Shakira’s father remained there until, hours later, the singer arrived, who wanted to accompany her father in some tests. She did it behind the wheel of her car and with her car face, without making statements to the media.

Shakira, Piqué and Nidia Ripoll in 2013 / Gtres
The singer Shakira with Gerard Piqué and Nidia Ripoll in 2013.

At the moment, no details have been given about his condition, however, the health problems of the Colombian’s father have been constant in recent months. What’s more, some sources suggest that one of the issues that could delay the transfer of the artist to Miami it could have to do with the health of her father, to whom she is very close. In fact, she usually shares on her Instagram account some images and videos of her father’s rehabilitation process, in which you can see how dedicated he is to caring for her.

The last times are being complicated for the artist. Even though she has already reached an agreement with Gerard Piqué For custody of the couple’s two children, concern for her father’s health is a constant and, in fact, it seems that it is one of the issues that could delay the artist’s move to Miami, regardless of the terms of negotiating with your ex-partner. In the city of Florida, the singer has a spectacular mansion that could soon become the new home of her family.

In the last year, William Mebarak has been to the hospital several times. At 91 years old, Shakira’s father was admitted last October as an emergency and was in the hospital until the beginning of November. The singer herself confirmed it in a statement: “Shakira’s communication team confirms that the singer’s father, William Mebarak Chadid, is hospitalized at the Teknon-Quirón clinic in Barcelona. The details about his state of health are confidential, so the family asks for respect at this time. waiting to see its evolution. They never gave details about the exact causes of his hospitalization.


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