Shakira: Shakira’s double standards at a key moment in her life


All the media attention converges on Qatar and at least that’s how it will be until December 18. The Soccer World Cup monopolizes the focus and not only because of soccer but also because of the number of stars of different kinds and businesses that will be closed there. They talk about those who go, like King Felipe VI, who will travel this Wednesday to support Spain in its debut, but also those who do not. Among those absences will be Shakira.

Shakira / Instagram

One of the reasons why the debate around the Asian country is on fire is the complexity that lies in the lifestyle that exists there. Since it was known that it would be Qatar who would organize the tournament, there have been different complaints from people who have arrived through different channels. Cases of labor abuse of workers have been made public, as well as lack of respect for human rights, especially those of women and those of the LGTBIQ+ community.

It is a country in which it is forbidden to live with a partner without being married to them or having intimate gestures on the street. Flogging, the death penalty and a sentence of up to seven years in prison is what could happen to anyone who has extramarital sex. There’s still more. If an unmarried woman gives birth in Qatar she could be arrested and even imprisoned. Something that clashes face to face with the fact that it is one of the countries of the Persian Gulf where women are better prepared and even more than half work. Domestic violence or marital rape is not a crime in Qatar.

Qatar Stadium / Gtres
Qatar Stadium / Gtres

Another particularly sensitive issue is that male guardianship is established in Qatar. What does this mean? That women have been discriminated against in law and in practice and are dependent on man for almost everything. This is how he points out International Amnesty in one of her recent reports: “Under the male guardianship system, they continued to be bound to their male guardian, usually their father or a brother, grandfather or uncle, or, if married, their husband. In addition, they still needed their guardian’s permission to make key life decisions such as getting married, studying abroad on public scholarships, working in many government jobs, traveling abroad up to a certain age, and receiving some reproductive health services.”

Shakira’s role

The Colombian artist has been one of the many artists that the organization of the World Cup in Qatar has tried to participate in the events held during the event, from the opening gala to the final on December 18. The truth is that for a few days she seemed that she was going to be one of the chosen ones, but finally her environment thwarted this possibility. She received the pressure within the improvised veto that has been sponsored from social networks to the Arab State. She will be missing this time after having participated in three other World Cups. In 2010 she created the waka waka and met Gerard Piqué.

Shakira, singing at the 2010 World Cup / Gtres
Shakira, singing at the 2010 World Cup / Gtres

A decision, that of Shakira, that It seems consistent but it hides a double standard that deserves to be highlighted. the interpreter of Monotony says no to Qatar in the face of pressure for the situation previously described. However, she had no qualms about performing there years ago. It was during the New Year’s Eve from 2008 to 2009, when he gave a concert in Abu Dhabi despite public calls in the region to suspend these events in solidarity with the Palestinian victims of the bombing of Gaza.

Dua Lipa was one of the artists tested by the organization of the World Cup, but she positioned herself directly against: «I will be supporting England from my home and I will be delighted to visit Qatar when all the human rights that they promised to fulfill when they were granted to be the venue for this competition. At the national level, Chanel Terreroauthor of the anthem of the National Team, showed her personality when asked about The world if I would act there: «If I have to go to Qatar I go with my LGTBI+ team and with my hypnotic ass»he said wryly.

There is a lot of interest to see what happens in Qatar and at that point, the journalists specially sent to cover the event are giving the latest on the situation there. One of the best-known Argentine communicators, Verónica Brunati, highlighted in a tweet from a few days ago that in the tourist area of ​​DohThere were gay couples walking hand in hand with no problem, as well as girls in bikinis on the beach, as can be seen in his message on Twitter.


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