Shakira: Her new song brings another zasca to Pique


Shakira continued his musical career and after great success Congratulationshas become one of the summer hits on all dance floors, monotonous. This is the title of a new work by the Colombian artist to be released on October 19th.It’s she herself who is promoting a song that will be done with Ozuna and can target Gerard Peakejust like its predecessor.

While it is not yet known what the lyrics of the song are, the title alone has led users of the social network to speculate that it may be aimed at the Catalan footballer. In the video that was broadcast, Shakira appeared in the supermarket to shop, looping the same products over and over in the basket, showing a certain boredom and boredom. “It became the norm,” she wrote.A very figurative definition of (maybe) what his relationship with Pique was like in the first few months break.

It wasn’t the only sentence, as Shakira also tweeted a lot of weighty people like “I didn’t say anything but it hurts. I knew it would happen». It must be remembered that in his song with Rauw Alejandro he has already verdicted Gerard Piqué: “I don’t buy his cheap philosophy. Sorry, I don’t ride that bike anymore. I can’t stand duplicitous people. I put my hands on fire for you. You take me as your other desire. Your wound didn’t open my skin, but it did open my eyes. I made them cry so red for you, ‘ he said in other messages.

The music preview, which includes zasca, arrives almost at the same time as the first photo leak of the Barca defender’s new girlfriend, Clara Jia, With his partner’s children, in Kadanya, at the home of Pique and Shakira. Depending on her close-up, some of the photos could be quite disturbing for the singer.

Gerard Hammered in Stockholm / Gtres

Piqué’s sentimental hallucinations are called Clara Chia, but it’s one of the few reasons he has to smile.His personal situation is critical as he has not yet settled with Shakira child custody it mean. The situation is getting tense and intending to end up in court, which is undesirable for both Milan and Sasha. The tension between them became apparent a few days ago when they were in Valencia watching their eldest son’s baseball game, avoiding seeing each other.

Shakira and Pique/Gtres
Shakira and Pique/Gtres

As if that wasn’t enough, Gerrard’s professional background isn’t much better. FC Barcelona has a huge number of votes and will soon be eliminated from the Champions League, and he is one of the footballers that fans are most concerned about. In addition, he lost his position and harmed other colleagues.


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