Shakira, heartbroken on trial, faces 8 years in prison


new setbacks ShakiraAs just confirmed, the singer will have to sit on the bench, accused of allegedly defrauding the Treasury of more than 14 million euros. The news came after the singer refused to reach an agreement with the prosecutor’s office.current owner Esplugues de Llobregat Teaching Court 2 (Barcelona) An oral trial has been launched against the artist for six crimes against the tax office.

Shakira in file image of Barcelona. / Getreth

As has already been made public, the prosecutor’s office has asked the singer to face eight years in prison and a fine of nearly 24 million euros for allegedly fraudulently paying wealth and personal income taxes between 2012 and 2014. In the Sept. 19 order, Judge Ana Duro found there were reasonable indications that the artist had committed a crime.Furthermore, in the indictmentthe Ministry of Public Affairs stressed that Shakira lived habitually in Spain and that she left the country only to fulfill her professional commitments. Therefore, he is obliged to pay taxes here. However, he resorted to corporate networks, which allegedly concealed from authorities the income he received and his assets during the investigation. As the sentence requires more than five years in prison, the trial is scheduled to take place in a Barcelona court, but the exact date is not yet known.

Shakira and her son / Gtres
Shakira and one of her children. / Getreth

For her part, the artist maintained her innocence, and for that she refused to make a deal with the public ministry to prevent her from sitting on the bench. The singer’s lawyer announced that Colombians had paid what the Treasury Department claimed was more than $17 million. They also announced that a full-scale persecution of artists was underway. In light of the recent events, the singer’s legal team made some brief statements: “The order to open an oral trial is another step in any usual process of these features. The situation has not changed and everything is proceeding as normal.” Shaqi La’s legal defense will do its job by announcing its arguments at the right time, along with the defense briefing,” her attorney said.

crucial moment

Beyond the question of the Treasury, the truth is that this is a very critical phase for Colombians.Apart from clashes with authorities, separation of footballers Gerard Peake. Shakira herself said in a recent interview with the magazine she He was living in a dark time and there was a big hole in his heart. In fact, the couple has yet to agree on custody of their two children.


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