Shakira First Spotted For Ex-Gerard Pique Kissing His New Girlfriend


Shakira has been spotted for the first time after Gerard Pique kissed his new girlfriend! It’s weird to open up certain things that always hurt certain people.

However, the back-to-back view becomes something interrelated. If we talk about such things, some celebrities in Hollywood also fall into the same category.

Whether it’s about a divorce or separation, the moment is one of the toughest stages in their life. That’s what happened with Shakira, who was recently spotted when her ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique was spotted kissing a new girlfriend.

Recently was the first time Shakira has been seen since then. Gerard Pique He was spotted kissing his new girlfriend after the match. Facing Popstar, Shakira was seen with her 9-year-old son, who was there to play in Barcelona.

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Here you can check out some photos of Shakira with her son.

This appearance of Shakira took place on November 11, 2022. She then comes to the she look, she is wearing a rocking sweatshirt and a black sports hat. She was there to support her son wearing the blue jersey of the She team.

The actor has been spotted with his girlfriend since Shakira announced her breakup with Gerard. Sometimes she was seen enjoying a concert together, and sometimes she was seen kissing as if the football player always wanted to break up.

After coming to Shakira he really gets upset over these things as he can’t believe he would do something like this right after they broke up.

According to the source: “She understands that people move on after relationships, and although she wishes she didn’t have to see this kind of thing, she knows that she’s living in the public eye and there’s no way to avoid it.”

The source goes on and says that she is doing everything she can to keep up with Pique just for the sake of her children. Shakira puts herself and her children first and therefore does not want any public attention in her life. She can’t control the things she’s doing right now and she knows it will happen at some point in her life.

The couple, who first met, then debuted in March 2011 with a music video by Shakira. As for the current situation, Gerard has left his family home and is currently living on his own.

Shakira has already opened these up in her last song where she talked about breaking up into pieces.


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