Shakira and Piqué: the images of their final goodbye


Barcelona, ​​09:30 in the morning of this December 1st. Shakira Y Gerard Piqué They had an unavoidable appointment that was crucial for their future and that of their children. The place, the Court of First Instance and Family number 18 of the Judicial City, in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. The objective was none other than, in the company of their lawyers for family matters, to sign before the judge the friendly separation agreement that they reached a few days ago after several unsuccessful meetings and much, much tension.

Both have carried out the access to the judicial dependencies separately and without crossing each other. Shakira entered with her lawyer through the back door while Piqué did the same but through the front almost at the same time. The signing of the agreement before the judge has hardly been delayed and in less than 20 minutes He was leaving the court. Seen and unseen.

The Colombian and the Catalan have carried out all an engineering maneuver to avoid crossing and not just accessing through separate doors. Shakira and Piqué have not seen each other. The document they had to sign was in a room. First she entered to stamp her signature, she left and then it was the now businessman who carried out the process.

Gerard Piqué, arriving at the trial / Gtres

Another aspect that is being discussed a lot is the difference in outfits chosen by one and the other.. While Shakira chose a lady look that made him look amazing Piqué opted for another oneeffortlessly composed of cap and wide jacket. What has been a common denominator is the serious countenance of one and the other.

His arrival has been marked by strong media pressure. Several means of communication were waiting at the two doors of the court for the arrival of one and the other. However, they have not been able to enter the court since it was an administrative procedure that was not public. As expected, none have made statements to the press.

It was at the beginning of the recently expired month of November when it was announced that the former FC Barcelona player and the interpreter of Monotony they had given their arm to twist to facilitate consensus. It was as a result of a meeting in the family home of both that extended its duration for more than 12 hours and ended at 00:30. A battle of attrition in which it was finally agreed that she will leave the Ciudad Condal where she has resided in recent years and will move with their children to Miami in 2023something to which Piqué was opposed at first.

Will it be the last time that Shakira steps on Catalan soil? It must not be forgotten that the one from Barranquilla has another trial pending that aims to be imminent and that she will settle her conflict with the Spanish Treasury once and for all after the alleged fraud of which she is accused.


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