Sfera has the shirt inspired by Pride and Prejudice for the most romantic look

Pride and Prejudice is one of Jane Austen’s most famous novels. in which sphere gets inspired for his new viral shirt. Lizzy is the one who ends up being the main character in this literary work that was made into a film a few years ago. Austen’s universe is back in the news, the novels republished and the courage of these glorious times seems to come with a drop to the biggest companies. we can buy one shirt with buttons ideal for this new season with a classic air and a special symbolism, inspired by Pride and Prejudicewith the seal of the spheres.

Pride and Prejudice is the source of inspiration for this Sfera shirt

We regain romance in these glorious years of novels by Jane Austen. In the dream of living that intense love that changes everything and that represented the maximum in his books, beyond the comfort of those times or everyone’s status, there was a young heart that beat with desire. Austen put women as the protagonists for the first time and gave them the choice of who they wanted to marry, something never seen before, at a time when others decided for them.

The white shirt is back in full force. This classic garment that is found in all wardrobes arrives at the main stores, including Sfera to live a spring of the most intense. A timeless basic that, just like Jane Austen’s novels, will always be beautiful, no matter how many years go by.

Sfera reinterprets this garment with a special touch. The greatness of this Sfera shirt lies in the buttons. Some details that stand out to give rise to a piece that is pure elegance. Strategically placed to give this blouse a Victorian feel, straight from a romantic novel.

The high neck with ruffles is what makes the difference. You will never find a shirt with such a defined style. This collar, which can be the one that invites us to wear a jacket at a successful meeting or a denim shirt on that romantic date that we have always dreamed of, is what makes this Sfera shirt unique.

A floating design that will be available during the spring season in Sfera in all sizes, for only 25.99 euros. An authentic jewel in retro style that will make you fall in love at first sight, sign up for classic fashion with a special garment.

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