Sfera conquers us with the perfect blazer for Christmas dinners: you are going to succeed


Velvet is one of the materials that brings the most elegance to all our looks. Now you can score because Sfera conquers us with the perfect blazer for the Christmas holidays.

It goes perfect with the favorite top, dress, blouse and skirt and everything we want to wear at the end of the year (with down on top if it’s cold). Find out what it is like and where you can get it.

Trend: Sfera conquers us with the perfect blazera

You know that you must acquire a top garment for the Christmas holidays. And nothing better than opting for the blazer that they have in Sfera, velvet, smooth, with a lapel and that is very flattering. You just have to go to the web and buy your size.

What do we wear this blazer with?

It really is a versatile jacket that’s perfect when we’re out and about and want to get noticed. Also at parties, night events and even at weddings. It is the blazer that will go well with everything during the Christmas holidays, so it is feasible with sequined dresses, black tops, skinny pants, shorts and even with jeans.

Sfera conquers us with the perfect blazer for Christmas dinners: you are going to succeed

in sphere they have velvet pants of the same lilac color that will create a very harmonious set if we choose it when we want to look good and go much more elegant than usual.

The magic of velvet always solves. In this case it is a light blazer but this material is always warm when it is colder and for this reason we use it for Christmas parties that take place during winter. If you enter the Sfera website you will see that there are more tops and other garments that will be perfect for you to combine with this jacket when you decide to wear it.

where to buy

It’s on the Sfera website, although you can also look for it in the physical store, so you already know that if you go through one, you can get this blazer and the entire set with pants.

Is suit jacket has a price of 69.99 euros, fantastic when it comes to taking a quality garment, from a good brand, and that stands out wherever we go. The sizes now available are M and L, so it fits more loosely on you and you know that you can wear it both with slightly thinner tops or t-shirts, as well as with cardigans and even jumpers in case it’s colder and we always want everyone to be warm sites. Do not delay in buying it because many clothes destined for the Christmas parties are sold out.


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