Seville will host the Spanish Space Agency

Seville (EFE).- Seville was chosen out of 21 Spanish cities, including Huelva and Jerez, to host the Spanish Space Agency, with its long aeronautical tradition.

It dates back to the first half of the 20th century and has lasted over time until it is currently a benchmark for this industry in Spain and Europe.
Seville’s century-old aeronautical tradition began with the Hispano Aviación company, later with Construcciones Aeronáuticas CASA and later with the European consortium Airbus.

Seville has achieved a thriving industry and a strong ecosystem that have made it one of the aeronautical hubs in Europe, especially since Airbus has established the assembly and final assembly plant for the military transport aircraft A400M in the Sevillian capital.

Tradition and strength

This tradition and this strength in the aeronautical industry were the main assets of the candidacy to host the said agency presented by the Seville Town Hall.

The capital of Seville has competed with other Andalusian cities such as Huelva and Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), in the process of deconcentration of places initiated by the Spanish government, and, more specifically, the space that should be operational in the first quarter of 2023.

Seville’s candidacy was supported by the entire municipality, economic and social agents, universities, technological centers and civil society institutions.

It also relies on the university system, on research teams, on business and knowledge spaces with the Andalucía Aeroespace cluster, as well as on transport systems (AVE and airport) and the hotel tool.

Large scientific community

Seville is home to the largest scientific community in Andalusia, with the Cartuja Science and Technology Park, three public universities, one private and five private university centers.

In addition, the largest integrated aeronautical vocational training center in Spain is under construction in the metropolitan area.
Of the 152 entities linked to the space sector in Andalusia, 64 are based in Seville, along with 26% of research groups and 42% of public bodies linked to space.

The Aerospace Park is also close to the capital in La Rinconada (Seville). aeropoliscarried by the Junta of Andalusia and where the main motor and auxiliary companies in the sector are located.

Economic impact of the space agency

The establishment of this agency will have a great impact on the economy and employment and by 2023 it will mean 360 million (direct, indirect and induced) and 5,860 jobs nationwide according to budget and contracts which will depend directly or indirectly on the new establishment.

And in the medium term, it is expected that in Andalusia, in ten years, the turnover of the specific space industry will increase sixfold, from 50 million euros to almost 300 million.

Moreover, employment quadruples, from the current 400 to nearly 1,600.

Seville and Cadiz constitute the aeronautical pole of Andalusia where this sector has a great industrial weight and achieves a turnover of more than 2,400 million euros and employs more than 14,500 people.

“It is not just a Sevillian project, but rather an ambition at provincial and regional level that will be positive for all of Andalusia”, defended the mayor of Seville, Antonio Muñoz (PSOE), during the presentation of nomination.

Location requirement

Seville meets the requirements of the call, published last October by the Ministry of Territorial Policy, in terms of headquarters space of approximately 3,000 square meters and has an extensive network of access to public means of transport .
Especially the high speed train and that it’s less than an hour from an international airport.

To house the headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency, the City Council proposed the CREA building (Advanced Business Resources Center), in the San Jerónimo district.

It has an area of ​​3,311 square meters and high-speed connections in the building and access by public transport and by private vehicle or bicycle, and it is fifteen minutes from the Aeropolis Aeronautical Park and a short distance of PCT Cartuja.

Places for the future

In addition, if the Spanish Space Agency needs to expand or relocate in the future, the application includes up to four possible new sites: the Aeropolis business center, the European pavilion, the future pavilion and the Renfe warehouses. themselves.

Regarding transport, the place will be twelve minutes from the airport with the connections requested in the bases to Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Frankfurt and Toulouse.

Although Prague is absent, the town hall of Seville has obtained a document signed by the company Vueling announcing its intention to recover the line with the Czech capital if the Space Agency is obtained.

It will also be about fifteen minutes from Santa Justa station and its high-speed connections.

It will be connected by road to all the capitals of Andalusia, the rest of Spain and Portugal and will have the port of Seville, the only inland seaport in Spain.EFE

Web edition: Violeta Gil