Severe European winter: London prepares for 3-hour power outage, Paris to turn off heaters


European preparation Ukraine’s winter complicated by war. UK families may be affected Power outage for three hours a day yes this winter Vladimir Putin cuts gas supplies to UK in the midst of a cold wave.This will be “Worst case scenario” you warned National Grid, the company responsible for the UK’s electricity and gas network.

Meanwhile, in France, a drastic measure has been launched to save energy due to concerns about climate change.Russia’s energy shortage. From October 15th, the public power company You will be able to cut off the water heater for more consumption timebetween 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm

As the energy crisis hits Europe, a report from National Grid says a three-hour blackout is an “unlikely” but not impossible scenario, warning that supply disruptions are a actual “possibility” If the current energy crisis escalates in the coming weeks.

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Power outages during peak hours

A hypothetical outage would be peak consumption periodin the morning or Between 4:00pm and 9:00pm, Consumers will be notified at least 24 hours in advance.

If the contingency plan must be activated, it must be approved by the Secretary of Corporations and Energy, Jacob Rees Moggand was initialed by King Carlos III, according to protector.

The UK relies heavily on natural gas for power generation. In fact, gas-fired power plants generate almost half of the country’s energy consumption. Part of this gas comes not only from continental Europe, but also from Russia.

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French Cut Water Heaters

France is also preparing for a tough winter. from October 15th, Public company Enedis, which manages power distribution, may cut off the water heater Serving more than 4 million customers between 12:00 and 14:00 to avoid power outages.

Enedis warrants that interruptions, which may last no more than two hours, will have no real impact on customers, and Other appliances will not cut Appliances or electronics, such as refrigerators or televisions.

From October 15th until at least mid-April or mid-May, customers with contracts that differentiate between maximum and minimum consumption times will be affected by this measure aimed at reducing unnecessary energy use during peak hours.

This measure will affect both parties Individuals as well as companies or public buildings Have a “smart meter”.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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