Several people were killed and injured in a bow and arrow attack in Norway

A man holding Bow and arrow Has caused many deaths and injuries in Norwegian cities Kongsberg (Southwest Oslo), according to the first police report.

The aggressor has stop According to these sources, he is believed to be acting alone and they did not provide more information about the person or his possible motives.

He said at the press conference: “The perpetrator has been detained by the police and has not actively sought out more people. According to the information we have, there is only one person behind the incident.” Øyvind Atomic absorption spectroscopy, Drammen Town Police Chief.

The police had reported a few hours before the action in the city center Kongsberg And asked residents not to leave their homes after they found someone hit by an arrow.

Several police units, including helicopters and a group expert Explosion-proof agent They were mobilized.

According to the Norwegian police, the man had traveled across multiple areas and attacked others before being arrested.

Kongsberg City Council is established reception center A crisis team was mobilized for those affected to deal with the situation.

According to the tabloid VG, The Norwegian Intelligence Service (PST) has been informed of the facts, although the police currently believe that it is too early to judge whether this is a terrorist act.


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