Seventeen LA3C Review: Innovative K-Pop Headliner Ensemble Brought The Heat With Performances By ‘Hot’ And Special Units


Moments before Seventeen took the stage at LA3C, they were warmly welcomed by their fans on a cold December night in Los Angeles. Devoted Seventeen fans, known as CARAT, dressed in their best festive attire (some dressed as frogs and tigers, representing The8 and Hoshi members’ favorite animals), yelled and waved their diamond-shaped light bars as fans names of the 13 members K -The pop boy group appeared on the big screens on stage just before their performance. Many CARATs even waited outside the Los Angeles Historic State Park early in the morning hours before the gates opened to support their favorite band and see their dazzling first appearance at a US festival.

LA3C is the inaugural music, food and art festival from StyleCaster and SHE Media’s parent company, Penske Media Corporation. The festival celebrates the rich culture and creativity of Los Angeles, and Seventeen is no stranger to the West Coast city. In fact, one of the members, Joshua, was born and raised in Los Angeles and proudly professes his love for his hometown every chance he gets. One day before their festival began, the group was honored at the LA3C opening. Creative and Culture Awards along with renowned anthropologist Dr. Jane Goodall and HYBE founder and president Bang Si-hyuk. The awards honor those who enrich Los Angeles and position the city as an international capital of creativity, culture and innovation. With their breakout performance, Seventeen really proved that their amazing talent dominates the industry.

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As soon as the opening notes of “Hot” filled the park, all eyes were on S. Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino. The members set the energy bar high and lit up the stage with the intense choreography as they sang the lead single from their latest comeback album. facing the sun. For most of 2022, Seventeen have been touring the world with their be the sun tour, and with each performance, they effortlessly invigorate the crowd with hit after hit. “There may be some of you who have been to our concerts, but some of you may not have. We will show you what Seventeen is really like,” Joshua proclaimed on the LA3C stage. The rhythm continued with the steady pop-rock song “Rock with You” filled with soft jumping and gentle arm movements as they sang the lyrics “Baby hold on, baby hold on”.

The adorable and cozy “_WORLD” from the reissue album area 17 he energized the audience with graceful steps and a promise that they “won’t let you down” before the group split up into their respective units to perform some exclusive and classic songs. Joshua and Vernon (dubbed by fans as the “American line” since Vernon was born in New York) began with the pop-punk-inspired English breakup song “2 Minus 1”. After the duo left, the acting unit consisting of Hoshi, Jun, The8, and Dino softened the stage with “Highlight,” which was filled with highly synchronized dance breaks and surprisingly fluid movements. A feeling of hope blossomed in the crowd as vocal unit members Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, and Seungkwan sang the soulful “Second Life” from their 2019 album. An Ode. It led to a quick switch to the hip-hop unit’s iconic song “GAM3 BO1” filled with fast glitched hyper-pop beats and S. Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu and Vernon rapping that they “don’t need new friends” since they were just some “GAM3 BO1” and just needed their “days”.

seventeen LA3C

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The culmination of the unit’s performances paved the way for SVT’s highly-anticipated leader unit song, “Cheers.” Released as a surprise track in July, Seventeen S. Coups unit leaders Woozi and Hoshi sing and rap about how they built their careers from the ground up and are now celebrating all the joys and luxuries due to their dedicated hard work. The unit rarely performs the song live, only performing on various Korean variety shows and one of their shows in Japan last month. However, the CARATs were absolutely ready to party with the song by enthusiastically singing along to the lyrics. At one point in the bleeped verse, Hoshi defiantly held up his middle finger and the audience roared with whoops of approval and, well, cheers.

seventeen LA3C

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The group reunited for their latest songs with the movable, modern “Left and Right” and a festive version of “Darl+ing,” which brought upbeat vibes to their first English-language single set against a snowy backdrop against the notoriously sunny weather. from southern california. . Of course, a Seventeen concert isn’t complete without endless “Aju Nice”. Seventeen have an inside joke that they would perform the chorus to their song “Very Nice” and end the concert by leaving the stage and bowing, only to run back repeatedly once the speakers blasted “AJU NICE!” The band returned victoriously for more and more as they danced and sang to each other, and the crowd returned exactly the same power and stamina. After the last “Aju Nice” (the final count of “Aju Nice” was six), Mingyu said goodbye and joked to everyone, “The plane is waiting for us,” referring to when Vernon said that they would return to Korea. right after his set. The members thanked CARAT with so much love and gratitude, shouting that they would be back soon, and as always, CARAT will be there for them when they return.

List of Seventeen LA3C songs

  1. “Hot”
  2. “Rock With You”
  3. “_WORLD”
  4. “2 minus 1”
  5. “Stand out”
  6. “Second Life”
  7. “GAM3 BO1”
  8. “HEALTH”
  9. “Dear+little”
  10. “VERY NICE” (Six Time Encore)

Image: PLEDIS Entertainment.


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