Seven reasons to use Google Display Advertising

Seven reasons to use Google Display Advertising

Anyone with a website has undoubtedly spent a lot of time and money on getting seen on Google. It is because Google is the search platform that almost all internet users prefer. Online marketing activities like SEO and search advertisement have continuously been used by businesses to get seen in this vast channel with endless opportunities.

Yes, SEO is a crucial tactic to be seen on Google. However, SEO is a very lengthy process, and marketers will even have to wait for months to see the results. Also, the changing algorithms may affect the work, so all the money cannot be bet on SEO alone. This is where Google ads come into play. Also, google ads are also of two types. They are the ads for the Google search network and display network.

Google Search Ads

These types of promotions are the ones that appear during the search results in Google’s search engine. These types of results can be separated from natural results as they contain an ad tag along with them. Although search ads can have a location, call, and other extensions, they won’t have any graphics or visuals.

Google Display Ads

On the other hand, display ads in google come with attractive images, gifs, and graphics, which can draw the viewer’s attention at once. Visitors will see these types of promotions as banners while they visit different websites through Google. Now, let us have a look at why Google display advertising might just be the one for you, your brand, and your site.

Why use Google Display Advertising?

Best for Remarketing

You might have heard that the best use of Google display ads is for remarketing purposes. Similarly, this is the absolute truth. Remarketing in Google is best done when it is carried out through the display network. By running remarketing through display ads, previous visitors will be reminded of our brand and products while they may be surfing through any websites on the net. This automatically helps to warm the audience and gets them a step closer to purchasing from us.

A faster way to get noticed

Even if display ads are used for reaching out to a new audience, they can be very useful if done in a proper and planned manner. Google ads will start showing immediately once they are run. So advertisers will not have to sit and wait impatiently like they do in SEO’s case. In addition, through display ads, not just that one’s visibility will increase rapidly, but also the result will start to appear.

Pay only when people click.

One of the primary payment method in display ads is the pay-per-click (PPC) model. Because of this model, the advertisers will be paying the money only when the users will be clicking in the ads. Also, by using remarketing tactics, we can only pay and show the ad to the most relevant individuals. By doing so, the display ads will make an impression in free as long as people don’t click on it. Therefore, this results in an overall cheaper cost per clicks.

Run Targeted Ads

Just like with most digital advertisements, Google display ads also offers the opportunity to run highly optimized and targeted ads. Marketers can set up the audience and placement of display ads as per their likes and needs. Fromm user demographics and interests to customizing placement of the ads all can be done. This makes display promotions one of the most efficient and effective ones.

Visualized Content

Unlike in search ads, display ads actually allows advertisers to promote trough graphical content. This makes display ads more creative and fun to work at. Similarly, we can create different sized images and gifs to be shown in various parts of the website as per our liking. All the way from big banners to small images, they all can be made and promoted through display campaigns.

Insightful Analytics

From Google Adwords, we can get all the data and stats about our ads. Therefore, this will help the advertisers to get knowledge about how the ads are actually performing. After reviewing the data, one can also make the necessary changes to get more from the ads that are presently being run. Similarly, one can even implement the insights and knowledge in ads and promotional campaigns in the future. This will not only help in the company’s overall marketing process but also helps in the overall growth.

Increase Website Traffic

The main aim of display campaigns is to make people click on them and send them to the advertiser’s website. Hence, people bother to create alluring graphics along with impressive messages. Any website feeds and grows with visitors. Similarly, Google display ads can help in getting visitors to the website in quick succession. In addition, these promotional campaigns will not just bring in any visitors, but relevant and interested visitors will be brought to the website. Therefore, if you are in a hurry for quick results and traffics, google display ads are the one.

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