Seven other ETA prisoners transferred to prisons in the Basque Country and Navarre


Madrid, November 14 (EFE).- The penitentiary institutions coordinated with the Basque government the transfer of six ETA detainees to Euskadi prisons and transferred another to Navarre, with which 158 of them are already in the prisons of these two autonomous communities. prisoners of the terrorist group, according to figures from the Association of Victims of Terrorism (AVT).

“The rapprochement of ETA prisoners is about to culminate. As we have foreseen for a long time, the murderers will be able to celebrate Christmas very close to their families without having repented or having collaborated with Justice”, denounced AVT in a press release.

Among the latest movements reported by prisons is that of José Ignacio Guridi Lasa, convicted of the murders of journalist José Luis López de la Calle and civil guards Irene Fernández and José Ángel de Jesús Encinas, in 2002 in Sallent de Gallego (Huesca ).

He will move from the prison of León to that assigned by the Basque Country, which manages the penitentiary competition. He entered prison in 2001 for a cumulative sentence of 30 years, 6 months and 30 days, of which he will serve three quarters in June 2023.

Asier Badiola Lasarte, in prison since 2010 y que cumple una condena de 50 años por asesinatos en grado de tentativa, partienencia a terrorista organization y daños, fue trasladado el año pasado des de Valencia à El Dueso (Cantabria) y ahora pasará también al Pays Basque.

Member of the ETA Kresala and Tontor commandos and found guilty of planting explosives in the works of the high-speed train during its passage through Hernani (Gipuzkoa) and in the Ertzaintza de Ondarroa police station.

Ignacio Bilbao Goicoetxea, Basur, will leave the Topas prison, in Salamanca, to enter one of the three Basque prisons, where he will continue to serve a sentence of 68 years and seven days for murder, collaboration with an armed gang, threats and damage .

He was the alleged perpetrator of the shots that killed the socialist councilor of Orio Juan Priede in 2002.

On March 17, 2003, Ignacio Bilbao threatened Baltasar Garzón with death by pointing his hand in the form of a pistol at him when the judge informed him in his office of his charges in connection with the murder of Priede, threats that he then repeated with other judges. .

Orkaitz Gallastegui Sodupe will also leave Topas to go to the Basque Country. He was convicted as a necessary collaborator in the assassination, in November 2001, of the magistrate of the Provincial Court of Biscay, José María Lidón.

He entered prison on October 28, 2002 and is serving a sentence of 48 years, 6 months and one day for terrorist murder, arson and apology for terrorism according to the Penitentiary Institutions.

Fermín Villa Michelena, convicted of two car bombings in Madrid with dozens injured, is moving from Zaragoza prison to a Basque prison to serve his 30-year sentence for havoc, bombings, terrorism and weapons storage. He will serve three quarters of his sentence in December 2032.

From El Dueso, in Cantabria, Iñigo Zapirain Romano, one of the perpetrators of the attack in 2008 against the Military Council of the Virgen del Puerto located in the Cantabrian municipality of Santoña, which caused the death of a brigade of the Basque army, will be transferred to a Basque prison.

He entered prison in March 2011 and is serving a cumulative sentence of 40 years for murder and crimes of attack, havoc, arson and wounding. Three quarters of the sentence will be served in 2041.

Meanwhile, ETA member Alberto Viedma Morillas, convicted of the murders of UPN adviser Tomás Caballero, father of the current President of the Foundation for Victims of Terrorism, and Second Lieutenant Francisco Casanova, will be transferred to Pamplona prison from Topas (Salamanca). ) .

Incarcerated since March 4, 2002 to serve a cumulative sentence of 30 years, he is serving three quarters of it this month.


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