Sergio Ramos and his personal plan to defend the Spanish brand


Sergio Ramos Taking advantage of the National Day holiday October 12° Go to Spain, the land he loves, and he’ll flee whenever he’s pressed for time. The reason for the casual response this time: to enjoy the bullfights at Madrid’s Las Ventas bullring. There, he reunited with some of his former teammates and friends from Real Madrid. But his help also proved one of his greatest passions: bullfighting art.

Sergio Ramos and Nacho Fernández in Las Ventas/Gtres

A very classy Sergio, radiant in a blue suit, white shirt and floral-print tie, as he is going through a wonderful global moment. One of the most exciting moments is the experience when the Spanish national anthem is played in the square during the festival. The Andalusian defender took off his glasses, looked up and made a nice gesture: «Happy National Day to all Pilares and Saints, especially you, my love, @pilarrubio »,write on story from Instagram.

Sergio Ramos listening to the Spanish national anthem / Instagram
Sergio Ramos listening to the Spanish national anthem / Instagram

His patriotism is beyond reproach and beyond doubt. Like his passion for bullfighting. Although this is a cultural spectacle that is going through delicate times and trying to eradicate them, Sergio Ramos has always shown his taste in them.In fact, he has many good friends in the world, such as Alexander Tarawant, he attended his wedding with Pilar Rubio.We must not forget that the man from Camas is also a big fan of the equestrian world and he has his own stud farmhe managed to dedicate some of his stallions in important races in the aforementioned disciplines.

During his brief stay in Madrid, Sergio Ramos was asked about some of the current pressing issues, such as Controversial tweet by Iker Casillas About his alleged homosexuality and about Kylian Mbappé’s possible departure from Paris Saint-Germain, but there were so many people around him that he couldn’t even stop and talk for a few seconds. He just said thank you and smiled.

Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio, Bliss in Paris

The marriage came to Spain separately.If Sergio was in a bullfight, his wife would come hours early resistance, where he succumbed to the irony and sourness of David Brancano.over there talking about sex “We do it every day,” he said with Sergio Ramos and the money he had in the account. The collaborator said she had “52,000 euros” in her checking account, which neither the presenter nor the public believed. Ramos did not want to comment on his wife’s remarks.

Photo by Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos / Gtres
Photo by Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos / Gtres

There is no doubt that his adjustment to life in Paris is complete. The footballer has forgotten the injuries that kept him out of the field in his first year and is now undisputed at Paris Saint-Germain. Together with Pilar Rubio and her four children, they form a solid and seamless life project.


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