Sergio Garcia and John Ram come to the rescue of Europe in the four


Spanicky golfers Sergio Garcia and John Ram saved Team Europe be blown away by the United States on opening day Ryder Cup… The Americans won the first three fights with four, but Garcia Ram mating brought one back to Europe.

The Europeans are still in a delicate situation after the first morning of the game when things didn’t go as planned. Padraig Harringtonmen. It’s still early, however, as anyone who remembers Paris three years ago will tell you, and Ram and Garcia gave Europe hope.

This was the first time they played together, but it turned out that they complement each other perfectly. Ram was in great shape in the green while Garcia showed his skill with an iron. It was clear that the duo were in sync and enjoying playing together.

Victory means that Garcia is now the points leader in the four, and the golfer from Borriola, Castellón has also leveled 23 points overall for Nick Faldo.

Ramin the meantime, in the afternoon he again competes with four goals, when the Basque player will compete alongside Tyrell Hutton

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