Sergi: These Barcelona players are very good and have to believe in themselves.


I amTerim trainer Sergi Barjuan debuted in camp Nou dugout in disappointing circumstances, like Barcelona draw against elimination fighters Alaves

The executive in charge looked optimistic and praised the team for their performance despite scoring two points.

“Today I planned the game the way we should, with possession, breaking the lines, and if I answer on Tuesday in Kiev, we will do the same,” he insisted.

“We will try to raise the team again, they know that they are very good and that they have to believe in themselves.”

However, the circumstances have turned out for the former player, who held training for the first time on Thursday.

I had very little time to work… I tried to put things in order defensively and offensively, and I think they did it a lot, we fixed a few things. ” Sergi analyzed.

“When there is a negative result, it is difficult to bounce back.”

Despite this, the interim coach felt that the team deserved more from the game. Alaves score from the first shot on target.

“It feels like we have not received an award for the work done,” he insisted, speaking after the final whistle.

We controlled the game, there were chances, we corrected the situation at half-time, and they scored in an isolated move.

“We had chances, but we didn’t realize them.”

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