Sergi Roberto cannot rest

Xavi Hernandez entered the club with a number of problems when he agreed to accept Barcelona coaching in early November, and one problem that persists in the early stages is injury, with Sergi Roberto the remaining one is missing.

It looked like the 29-year-old would be back to training soon, but on Wednesday it was revealed that he had failed and would need to undergo surgery, which is becoming a familiar topic at the Camp Nou this semester.

Injury of the rectus femoris of the right leg is really troubling Sergi Roberto for a while, and finally the decision was made to try and fix it permanently with an operation.

La Masia graduate will have an operation in Finland with Dr. Lasse Lempainen, who has already operated on Usmane Dembele in past.

Kules I don’t want to set deadlines Sergi RobertoA recovery period, especially after he has alternated injury after injury over the past two seasons.

On Wednesday, some Catalan media reported that the versatile midfielder was out for four months, but the club did not issue an official statement to confirm or deny the stories.

Negotiating a contract with Sergi Roberto

The operation comes at the most inopportune moment for Sergi Roberto as a professional, since he was passionate about negotiating with Barcelona under a new contract.

His current contract expires in June 2022 and the club hoped to convince him to sign a new contract, but with a lower salary, to help with the club’s financial situation.

The balance of power in the negotiations changed again to Barcelona, with Sergi Roberto can no longer get out of the club.

His fitness will be unclear even towards the end of the season, and teams may be reluctant to offer him a high salary on this basis.

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