Sequins, Pull & Bear’s best Christmas ally in its most festive collection


There is no doubt that one of the most anticipated nights of the year is none other than New Year’s Eve. And that’s it, December 31 is a day when practically everyone goes out to say goodbye to the year and welcome a new one in the best way, which is why more and more people are preparing for the big date with him appearance more correct. That’s why, in signatures low cost of Inditex What Pull & Bear has already started working with the sole aim of finding the perfect dress to enter 2023 on the right foot.

Green sequin dress with neckline / Pull & Bear

This season, if anything has already started to attract attention, it’s that brilli brilli has once again been the order of the day. There are many brands that have made sequined dresses their best weapon to kick off fashion. Christmas, and in Pull & Bear it would be no different. So much so that the Inditex company already has in its Party department with a lot of dresses full of palettes, the first of them in golden tones, with straps, a mini cut and a pronounced neckline for only 29.99 euros. But this would not be the only option. At his side is also another with fringes, a neck halter, mini cut and also sequins, but this time in black and at a price of 35.99 euros. A design that already promises to be pretty must have, especially given that others very similar have already arrived in a green midnight blue tone, the latter only available online. Also, if you loved this last shade of hope, it’s also available on the website with straps and a statement neckline and at the same price.

Silver sequin dress with long sleeves / Pull & Bear
Silver sequin dress with long sleeves / Pull & Bear

On the other hand, and if you prefer designs that have long sleeves, Pull & Bear also has the solution. Within its catalog is a long-sleeved, sequined, open-back mini dress in black, while another gives all its prominence to a neckline pronounced V-shaped and with puffed sleeves, is very similar to another one of the dresses that has a silver shade to make you shine above everything that may be around.

Strapless dress with colored sequins / Pull & Bear
Strapless dress with colored sequins / Pull & Bear

Finally, in SEE we consider the jewel in the crown to be a short party dress that has strapless neckline and an explosion of color in the form of palettes for only 29.99 euros. But if the blue, pink, silver, green, gold and more tones do not convince you, the same design is also available in red for the same price and in sizes from XS to XL, also in physical stores. Don’t think about it anymore and go for yours clothes perfect.


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