Sephora sweeps up Prada cologne: Take advantage of the last hours of Black Friday


Sephora celebrate this year black friday at the top The famous shop beauty products and beauty takes all week offering amazing discounts on some of your most wanted products, but no one expected him to also cast off one of the newest releases from one of the fashion world’s hottest couture companies. For him, Sephora Takes New Prada Cologne by Storm which you can get at a cheaper price so do not hesitate and take advantage of these remaining hours of Black Friday to get it.

Sephora Sweeps Black Friday With New Sephora

Among the many fragrances that can currently be found at Sephora, it seems that Prada’s latest release stands out in a special way. a perfume called Prada paradox and It has become one of the most sought after perfumes thanks to an aroma for which the haute couture house has tried to recreate the multifaceted nature of women.

A perfume that will become one of the most requested gifts for the upcoming Christmas celebration, so why not get it now that it’s on sale? Sephora applies a 23% discount on the occasion of Black Friday today is therefore undoubtedly a golden opportunity and you should also know that it is a perfume that comes in a refillable bottleso once it is spent, we can buy the most economical refill.

It’s the paradox of Prada

The slogan under which it is promoted “Never the same, always myself” perfectly highlights the irreverence, individuality and rejection of paradox conform to stereotypes.

With a transgressive spirit in tune with that of the house itself, Paradoxe is also immediately recognizable within the Prada family thanks to the eye-catching triangular bottle, which perfectly reflects that of the signature logo. A little piece of Prada in your hands, it’s not only stylish to look at, but also capitalizes on the fashion house’s ongoing commitment to fostering sustainability in the luxury market, with its smart design that Reduce the use of glass.

Under the creative direction of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simonsmaster perfumers Nadège Le Garlantezec, Shyamala Maisondieu and Antoine Maisondieu worked together to create a juice that explores the tension between timelessness and modernity, sophistication and eccentricity.

In this Prada Paradox we can find the freshness of neroli contrasted with an amber accord for unexpected warmth or the lemony top notes and white floral heart that become base notes that include vanilla and musks. It’s an interpretation of sensuality and femininity that feels utterly modern and perfectly reflects the many facets of a woman’s personality.

This new perfume Paradoxe by Prada already conquered celebrities like Emma Watsonwhich is also his image, as well as the model and influencer Lucía Rivera so that if you also want to wear it, or make the most special gift of all this Christmas you can buy it at Sephora for 104.99 euros per 90 ml bottle (the price without discount is 136 euros). Moreover, you have it in other two formats of 30 and 50 ml, also with this 23% discount at 56.24 and 74.99 euros respectively. The recharge (100 ml) is priced at 89.99 euros thanks to the discount which is also applied to it.


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