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We want the updated 2021 model of the HD 450SE. Before I begin, let me say that I have not come to own the previous version of these headphones. However, I’ve read my fair share of reviews about them, so I’ll sometimes point out where I think this new model (Sennheiser HD 450 BT) has improved. With respect to the previous ones after having been using them for about a month.

The impression they give (corroborated later by reading a review of the model) is that the default EQ barely boosts the lows and high-mids (devices). Those are normally the settings that everyone likes for general headphone use. Clearly, for this reason, they are not exactly studio headphones, but they do not pretend to be both. Truth be told, if I did hold them, I doubt I’ve ever touched the default settings. If we add to this 30 hours of autonomy, hands-free function, access to assistants (Siri, Google, etc.) and ANC, the truth is that the cocktail for the price is more than appetizing.

Topics we like

  • Good high quality sound
  • Battery life is nice
  • excellent puffy cuts

Problems we don’t like

  • plastic built
  • Emotions are good, however, your ears should hurt.
  • it’s expensive anyway

Value and availability

Sennheiser HD 450 BT comes with black and white color variants. It is worth Rs 11,990 which is a bit expensive for mid-range buyers. If you want to buy these headphones, go to the official website of the company. (14,990 rupees). or go to Amazon (11,990 rupees).

Who should have to buy these headphones?

  • I feel like vacationers are the right choice for this headset. And the reason is the energetic cancellation of voice.
  • In addition, it is the best option for music lovers, since they provide an ideal balanced sound profile.

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Field content material

Pretty good. The packaging is made of brown cardboard with the serigraphy of the product display, and the reality is that it looks quite good. Once we open it up, we find that the earcups are securely attached within the field. That is to avoid possible injuries during transportation; all successful

Once we finish disassembling the entire batch we will have, on the one hand, the headphones wrapped in a plastic cover to avoid scratches. And in contrast, the rest of the accessories (charging cable, jack cable, instruction manual and transport case).

Sennheiser HD 450 BT: Design

Sennheiser HD 450BT

What’s the drawback then? Well, both the pads and the arch of the helmets are too small for me, which is a bit tight for me. I am a person with an XL head (bicycle helmet dimension) and a traditional pinna for my peak and complexion. I don’t consider the bow to be an issue because some offer a bit of wear with use. The pads do stay in my ears though, they don’t round them out like they should, and while the padding is nice. The fact is, it’s a bit annoying, and it’s not how over-ear headphones should look. This is not to say that these helmets are not for you, for men with heads a little smaller than mine or especially for girls, they are usually a really perfect model.

To end the issue of ergonomics, all the controls are on the right side of the earcup. Which lacks markings to determine what each button does, so the first time you see the earbuds it takes a while to back off. I feel a facet that could actually be improved. When you check the quick info and use it for a couple of minutes, you get it.

Development quality can be very adequate for the price range, with high-quality, versatile plastics and silicones. One way or another, without those “creaks” when dealing with them that give that shabby feeling when the plastic doesn’t measure up. With the headphones in hand, you miss the fact that the speaker components and ear pads rotate a bit more. But the truth is, they have more than enough game for a great match once you turn them on. They do come with a precise cloth cover, but it won’t protect them much from bumps etc.

Touch controls or buttons

Another of the points in which it has changed compared to the previous model.

The button to regulate the active noise cancellation (ANC) is now on the same button that is used to turn the power on and off. A short press turns ANC on or off, while a long press turns the headphones on or off. I feel like this can be a major improvement over the old system. Where you needed to simultaneously press the volume up and down buttons to regulate the ANC.

They have added a new button, located on the back of the keyboard, which is used to activate the Alexa voice assistant. For many, it should seem silly, but the truth is that when you spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the wizard. It can be more useful than it seems on headphones.

There is a “button” to play forward/backward, as well as to pause/continue or answer a call. Which is also useful; It’s a slider and you push a button through which, sliding it, you cycle through the melody and quickly resolve the decision or pause/continue playback.

While not a “keyboard” issue per se, note that the charging connector is now a USB-C type, another nice change from the previous model that used micro-USB.

The buttons are generally easy to find when you’ve used the headphones a few times, they’re a size and layout that make it hard to make a mistake when you press them, and they’re fairly responsive.

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Sennheiser HD 450 BT: Comfort

It’s kind of factors where they’ve improved compared to the previous model. I am a fairly large headed person and have been able to wear these for hours without feeling any discomfort from the extreme exertion.

Sure, it’s true that the top band could be a little more padded, but this can make them bulkier and when you spend some time looking for the size that best fits your head, the tension in that space disappears and with that, any discomfort. that’s why.

The pads are very cumbersome and cushiony, which provides a nice comfort. I’ve gotten to wear them even with my sunglasses on and I haven’t really felt any discomfort (again, it will depend on the size adjustment you make; the shorter you go, the greater the tension) . The fabric they’re made of is very snug, molding to the shape of your ear, then springing back when you take them off.

I have medium ears, and the truth is that after putting them on I have the feeling that the entire ear is formed inside the central house of the pillow. I have also tried to push a location where a part of the ear is not noticeable, since I have learned that one of the important things in the previous version was exactly that, and still the comfort has remained the same due to the adaptability of the pads.

Sennheiser HD 450 BT: High quality sound

Sennheiser HD 450BT

We come to an important point… and where these headphones stand out the most. We have here the sound of Sennheiser’s home version, impartial but not for that poor (removed from it).

All the frequencies are there, and all are reproduced with good quality. Bass won’t be significantly improved, as is customary with most Auris these days. However, they are perfectly noticeable, they tend to rumble more than I expected, but without masking the mids or highs.

The phrase that defines the sound of these Auris is balanced, but when for whatever reason you don’t feel full when listening to music on your cell phone. You can always download the Sennheiser app which allows a certain level of EQ to be adjusted and left to your liking. In my case, after a lot of tinkering with the app, I ended up leaving them on the default profile, as I feel it’s the most balanced and the one that best defends itself on any topic.

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energetic noise cancellation

The Sennheiser HD 450 BT shouldn’t be the best ANC on the market, but it works very well to eliminate much of the ambient noise we encounter on the road (bus/car engines, building noise, etc.). It doesn’t completely eliminate all noise, however it does a reasonably good job of passively isolating the pads to allow them to be heard in almost any ambient noise situation.

One point to keep in mind is that activating ANC does NOT produce that feeling of “clogged ears” or being “submerged” that does appear when activating this mode on headphones from other manufacturers. Which is respect since the aforementioned impact is usually quite annoying and even dizzying. Not a problem for me: as an audiophile. I understand how much the ANC is going to distort and bastardize listening. Due to this fact, this was not the purpose of my purchase. The goal was to have headphones that made music better, and in this, as always, Sennheiser is on top.


The headphones have a microphone and powerful noise cancellation in an effort to make cell phone calls even in noisy environments. This also works great. Unfortunately, this microphone can only be used as a headset on PC in a restricted way. It is suitable for conferences, to be able to talk with other players while playing. Also, the acquisition of an additional microphone is important because the sound of the microphone is nice, but the game sound is significantly reduced in quality. That’s probably not technically feasible in any other case. Here, however, one must clearly state that Sennheiser never claimed this and that it was a more hopeful attempt on my part to expand the scope of the utility beyond the manufacturer’s specifications.

Sennheiser HD 450 BT: Drums

Excellent battery life. That is the main performance study of the latest generation, and it is that we went from a period of about 19 hours to 30 hours. The perfect half is that they take exactly the same time as the last time it took, 2 hours.

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Sennheiser HD 450 BT: connectivity

Sennheiser HD 450BT

Very easy. As soon as they are activated, they will enter pairing mode UNLESS the BT of the last machine they were paired with is active (in which case it robotically connects to it). It will be enough to look in the list of devices for the equipment “HD 450SE”. I have been able to pair them with two devices at the same time, but the result has not been good, so I recommend pairing them with a single machine.

In my case, I have used them both with my cell phone and with my Samsung SmartTV, as well as with my PC (where I have a BT adapter), and in all cases the result has been very acceptable. Using the aptX codec means latency is minimal on the right devices, making them a great option to use for watching a video and even playing games. Be careful, the latency will always be somewhat higher than when they are used in wired mode, but normally, it will be imperceptible.


This is an ideal evaluation of an already excellent product. Very comfortable to put on and use, with an incredible sound, balanced and adaptable through its own application, and an ANC system that, without being the best on the market, complies to achieve incredible isolation from outside noise and is in a very different league of systems of this type incorporating the most cost-effective headsets.

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