Self-tanner: the “influencers'” trick to meet the first days of summer


With summer just around the corner, there is a small inconvenience that knocks on the door again. This is none other than skin tone to welcome high temperatures, which is a real headache for those people who have a very clear dermis. Despite this, there are several tricks to wearing a swimsuit or bikini without feeling that your skin is too whitish.

Although the option for self-tanners and body colors many times it has not given good results for those who have tried them, the truth is that there are several options on the market that can be completely useful, yes, always use them correctly so that there are no different stains on Fur. So, if you want to know how to face the beginning of summer with the perfect tan, this is your post.

Types of self-tanners

It is very important to be aware of the type of sunscreen we can find on the market depending on the result we want to get. Everyone will give you a safe and fast solution, although each option is better depending on what experience you have of this type of product.

spray self-tanning. This dries faster than the rest, although it is much harder to apply, so if you have already tried the rest, the self-tanner will be a good choice that you must try not to leave parts of body without applying.

self-tanning mousse. Its touch is ideal and it works about 5 hours after application, for which it is better to use a mitten as an aid.

self-tanning lotions. These are ideal for dry skin, as they moisturize the skin and give it the desired brown tone. And it is that, thanks to these, the change is felt progressively, so that you can decide for yourself when to stop when the result is perfect.

self-tanning wet wipes. Because they are quite small, they are perfect for giving a more tan color face.

Self-tanning gloves. They are usually disposable and help to spread the product evenly over all parts of the body, especially for those who do not have much exercise in this area.

How to apply

Just as it is important to have a quality product for tan, it is also important to know how to apply it, because doing it the wrong way can lead to a totally unwanted result. First, it is best to exfoliate the skin one day before using the product, with emphasis on the driest parts of the body. Later, apply the desired option with a mitten help and in circular motions, make sure no area is left uncovered. And finally, take a shower an hour, two or three laterdepending on what the product recommends in its instructions.


ST. Tropez / Amazon

ST. Tropez Self Tan Purity Water Gel. This is without a doubt the crucial favorite brand for self-tanners. This one in particular has a soft texture that effectively moisturizes and nourishes while it evens out the skin tone and gives a tanned touch. Its price on Amazon is 34.25 euros.

Biotherm / Druni
Biotherm / Druni

Biotherm autobronzant tonique. This brand launched this self-tanner in 2015. Its two-phase texture gives the skin a smooth and natural tan that is easy to apply, with a slightly shiny finish. Its price in Druni is 14 euros.

Bioderma / Amazon
Bioderma / Amazon

Photoderm autobronzant from Bioderma. If you have excessively light skin and do not want self-tanners to leave marks, this is your best option. This product is manufactured in format spray, so it is not necessary to extend it and its results are gradual. For only 18.88 euros you can get it.

ST.  Moriz / Amazon
ST. Moriz / Amazon

Fast-browning mouse from ST. Moriz. This is one of the most affordable options on the market. In addition to being fast, efficient and controllable, this self-tanner costs only 5.42 euros in amazon.

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