See: Sambar Deer visits a tea stall. This is what happens next –


The locals gave food to the sambar deer.

Animals like to live in their own habitat. But with the increase in population and adventurous tourists, hard-to-reach places are not easily accessible. This has led to more and more animals coming into contact with humans, which is sometimes dangerous. But at other times, such contacts create memorable moments. Like a video of a sambar deer visiting a tea stall and eating snacks. The clip has been shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Dr. Samrat Gowda on Twitter.

The video shows a sambar deer standing in front of a makeshift tea stall and looking at the food there. A man, holding a piece of food, gestures to the Sambar to step aside. The animal understands and moves in that direction.

Watch the video:

The man then offers her food, which is seen enjoying the Sambar. The deer continues to eat from the man’s hand, while some of the people present at the tea stall move closer to take a closer look.

A man is seen asking his friend to click his photo with the Sambar. He even touches his antlers. Another offers tea, but the animal refuses.

The IFS officer shows concern about the food offered to the animal. “If Sambar goes to a local hotel, what will they offer him? Seriously, wild animals…


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