Sedition: the tamed socialist herd surrenders to the Catalan putschists


Each of the 120 deputies of the PSOE voted in favor of the opening of the procedures to repeal the crime of sedition and thus serve the interests of the Catalan putschists, a manifestation of halter politician who will go down in the annals of Spanish parliamentary history. Undeterred, placing the interests of Sanchismo above the interests of Spainmany of them have swallowed down their presumed dignity to naggingly second a measure which is the very expression of surrender to the independence movement.

The photograph of the socialist herd supporting the process of repealing the crime of sedition constitutes, in itself, a heartbreaking and shameful demonstration of servility. From now on, every time they open their mouths to appear firm in front of the Catalan putschists, they will have to swallow the toad of his unworthiness. It will be the voters who appreciate the moral cowardice socialist deputies and it will be the voters who will decide if anyone able to kneel ignominiously before the insurgents deserves a vote of confidence. This will be dictated by the polls, but there is no doubt that with his behavior were portrayed. Now they can bang their chests, get lost in a thousand and one excuses, justify their behavior with sterile arguments, but the truth is that they will be complicit, one by one, in the crime of their master. And we say his master, because that’s what he is Pedro Sanchez for the socialist caucus. If they have decided to support him in his ignominy, that’s all, but let them not hide behind indecent detours which are nothing more than a cowardly attempt to hide their shame. The tamed socialist herd surrendered to its master in a prodigious display of pusillanimity. They cared little to present themselves as unscrupulous cowards. They are the halters of Pedro Sánchez, the voice of his master. The flock of sheep of Spanish socialism surrendered en bloc to the coup d’etat.


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