Security guard belittled and insulted by his former partner (VIDEO)


Security guard shares meeting with his former classmate

SECURITY GUARD x CLASSMATE: A security guard took to social media where he shared his experience after being belittled and insulted by his former classmate.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Screenshot

In the video that has gone viral online, a certain Red Parunquin shared how his former classmate made fun of him for being a security guard (SG). He was on duty in what appears to be a subdivision when he ran into his classmate during elementary and high school.

According to him, his former partner was in his vehicle and when the latter opened the window of his car, the security guard realized that it was his former partner. He even greets his classmate, to show his respect.

Then his classmate asked, “Oh guwardiya ka?” The latter even asked him if he finished his studies.

His classmate asked him why he ended up being an SG even though he was among the top students in his class during his elementary and middle school days. The guard felt embarrassed when he heard the laughter of his companion and of the people aboard the vehicle.

His classmate even introduced him to his wife, while putting him down for being a security guard. Hoping to end their conversation, he let his classmate through the door, but before he could leave, his classmate insisted on giving him a 200-peso tip, which he refused. to accept.

Later, her classmate told her that if she had time, she could visit his house and talk about their reunion. Finally, their conversation ended.

According to the security guard, he felt bad about himself when his classmate kept making fun of him for being an SG. But for him, it’s okay because there are people who are lucky in life while there are others who are not.

The security guard emphasized that he was doing the best he could and that he was not an “isang kahig, isang tuka”. He is also proud to be a guard. In the last part of the video, his meeting with his classmate was one of the reasons why he lost interest in attending the school reunion.

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