Secret Story | After breaking up with Santi Burgoa, Alba Carrillo did not cut himself, but stared at Luca Onestini

Almost no one expected this weekend Alba Carrillo Become the protagonist of the headlines after meeting him Break with Santi BurgoaA piece of news, she revealed her photo through social network, in the photo she was wearing a purple dress and text appeared from the back “Single again!”. In order to dispel doubts, a few hours later, reporter Miguel Ángel Nicolás, who is also a good friend of the model, delivered her message It’s noon Avoid rumors about third parties« He will need a little rest”He said.

After breaking up with Santi Burgoa, Alba Carrillo has already named the boy she likes/Telecinco

However, as time passed, it became clear that Alba had no intention of returning to the correspondent who had been with her for the past two years.He appeared on the set again this Tuesday A story no one knows, He appeared in front of the camera for the first time after learning of the recent breakup. The fact is that his talent surprised him.

Although I don’t know when her love story with Santi ends, Alba seems to have overcome it completely. He admitted his appeal to the participants of the reality show Telecommunications company. It all started when Gianmarco Onestini expressed his opinion on the matter between his brothers Luca and Emmy, and declared that Italians currently “do not want a girlfriend”.

«It’s a pity, because I love Luca Onestini and now I’m single, So if you take me to the house…I’m serious,” he said with a smile. Carlos Sobera then wanted to know what happened to him after the breakup. Alba seemed to indicate that this was a problem beyond his life.” It’s the weekend already, I’m already in another dimension, I’ve been recycled. “

Seeing this topic, the Basque wanted to remind him that the relationship between Luca and his mother Lucia Palente is not the best in the world, but she has always remained optimistic. “My mother doesn’t get along well with all my boyfriends, and gets along very well with another boyfriend.”, Has answered funny. And to show that he is very serious, Alba Carrillo made a proposal to the directors of the show to go to the house and watch the live broadcast of Gianmako’s brother: «I don’t care about Luca and I like this name too,” he commented, and revealed that “I would love to join this version.”

House full of emotions

s home A story no one knows There is a new tenant Adara Molinero this week who has spent the past 24 hours White room Listening to the introduction of the contestants, he has gone in and lived with them for a few days.

Adara Miller
Adara Molinero has been moved in memory of Mila Ximénez / Telecinco

In addition to the normal tension of this new adventure, this young woman also experienced a very exciting moment, remembering Mirasiménez, her friend and partner. Big Brother VIP. It is the house that records it A story no one knows Morinello lives in the same room with the reporter. «I don’t want to be emotional, but I have a lot of memories of a very special person, It’s very special, it’s still true to me, I like it very much, Mira»She had already told Carlos Sobella and couldn’t help but burst into tears. «From here I want to send a kiss to heaven», the young woman continued, and the host took the opportunity to also send a message to her ex-partner’s family, «lWe all miss a lot We use this to give you a very fat kiss because We will never forget her, it’s true. Give your family a hug”.

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