Secret of the summary in the case of the girls murdered by their mother in Cuenca – EFE News


Cuenca, December 15 (EFE) from his mother, an agent of the Civil Guard, who later committed suicide.

At 12:30 p.m. this Thursday, residents and the municipality observed a minute of silence for the event, which the mayor of Quintanar del Rey (Cuenca), Martín Cebrián, visibly moved, described as a “tragic event”.

After the minute of silence, which ended with applause, residents expressed their pain and dismay at the event and explained that the family is well known in Quintanar del Rey, a municipality of around 7,000 locals, since the girls’ paternal grandparents ran a bar for many years.

Apparently the woman went to live with the girls in the Civil Guard barracks of Quintanar del Rey where the events took place, after the separation of the father, a native of the municipality, about two years ago, according to what the neighbors pointed out. .

In addition, sources close to the investigation told EFE that the 42-year-old woman was from Algeciras (Cádiz) and had been in the army since 2003, while in 2008 she joined the Civil Guard.

In 2009, she was assigned to the Civil Guard post of Quintanar del Rey, where she served in citizen security.

Likewise, the City Council of Quintanar del Rey (Cuenca) decreed three days of official mourning for the event, which became known early this Thursday, when at 7:20 a.m. a colleague from the service of the deceased alerted that the agent did not arrive at the workstation, he went home to see what was happening.

It was then that he found the woman killed by a gunshot and, next to her, the lifeless bodies of her two daughters, also shot dead.

These same sources clarified that all the clues point to the fact that the woman put an end to the life of her two daughters and then committed suicide.

For his part, the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, said that “we woke up with one of those things in life that make you rethink everything” and said that “everyone is shocked and we are all shocked.”


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