Schroider: When everyone is in good shape, Barcelona will have a very strong side


Barcelona assistant coach Alfred Schreuder I was pleased with how the Catalans played in a 3-0 win. I raised at Camp Nou on Sunday afternoon.

Ronald Koeman was suspended and was supposed to watch him from the stands, but he will be glad to return Ansu Fati, which also got its name on the protocol.

Barcelona pinned I raised high on the field and Schreuder I was pleased with the speed of the team.

“We played many similar games, not only this one”, Schreuder told the press.

“Everything worked out very well today. The stadium was full of energy and it was a great day for everyone. “

Ansu Fati returned 11 months later due to a knee injury, and Schreuder stressed how happy everyone is to see him again.

“We know he’s a great player,” he said.

“He has the individual talent we need and we know what he’s capable of. We’re delighted to have it playable again. “

Ansu Fati This was not the only positive of the day when the whole team showed excellent results.

“Today we played great football”, Schreuder commented.

“The players really showed themselves.

“It is wonderful that Ansu returned, but we must not forget about the other players. People like Gavi and Nico [Gonzalez] had a great game and the fans were really happy. “

Schreuder believes there is great potential in this Barcelona team if they can keep their players in shape.

“I think if everyone is in good shape, we will have a fantastic side with good options.” Barcelona – noted the assistant.

“Right now we have to make sure that those who are playing give their best.

Pedri will be back soon and we will have a really dangerous team when everyone is available. “

Gavi and Nico these are two young people who came to the side and made an impression.

“Without a doubt, if they show that they are capable, we will consider them,” he assured.

“The same thing happened last year with Ilikes Moriba… This is what we do and who we are. If the player is good, he will play.

“We played with a lot of young players. This is the future Barcelona and these players grow up in these games. “

Schreuder also commented on the defense ahead of the Champions League match against Benfica.

“We know that playing Benfica is very important,” said the Dutchman.

“We will need to start with a strong defense, be aggressive and disciplined.

“We will focus on this match and then focus on Atlético.”

Despite some difficulties this season, Schreuder insists that the team is happy.

“Everyone is happy,” I insisted.

“They are happy with the way we played. We played well as a team and had a lot of ball possession.

“I think the team is happy. Ansu helped and the connection with the fans was great. “

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