Scenes from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ banned due to racism

The news was published in TheDailyMail. Apparently Breakfast with diamonds It was the last film to be censored for political correctness. Specifically, the British channel Channel 5 broadcast a tape with a feature: scenes in which the actor Mickey Rooney appeared, who played Sir Youth.

The argument advanced by those responsible for manipulating the film is consistent with arguments in other recent cases. Interpretation Mickey Rooney it would be offensive to the Asian community due to its quirkiness and way of reinforcing a number of negative stereotypes.

The reality is that it cannot be said that this is a recent accusation. In the United States, ever since the film’s premiere, numerous voices have drawn attention to the crude caricature that constituted Mr. Younoshi’s character. For this reason, for a long time some British stations added an initial warning before it was shown.

However, now the difference is significant. Few ensured that Channel 5 went too far to rule out the sequence entirely, a decision that was called “dangerous”. Sean Hepburn Ferrer, Audrey Hepburn’s son and film producer, believes the film should be seen “in terms of the time it was made in”. “Today this is a big problem,” he said publicly, adding that “everything is being studied” at the moment. as if we were the most important point in historyTerry Gilliam, star of Monty Python, has also repeatedly denounced that “censorship seems to be a growing industry in Britain”. “Who are the new censors?”.

All this does not mean that the participants of the filming realized their “mistake”, thus focusing on the character. Blake Edwards, the director of the film, regretted that he never did it, and Mickey Rooney himself, from the point of view that time gave him, regretted that he had interpreted the character in this way.


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