Scalpers’ most eye-catching animal-print jackets for fall


it’s been a while print Animal prints are here to stay. You are always stylish and you can choose Animal print jacket from Scalpers.

The truth is that it gets a lot of attention, and you can pair it with black pants, a brown skirt, or even a skirt in the same animal print style.

Trending: Animal-print jackets from Scalpers

Is an jacket Polar fleece, it will not be cold in autumn and is in shearling fabricit has a regular fit, a high neck and a contrasting zip closure.

It’s particularly eye-catching with its long sleeves, front pocket details with contrasting zippers and contrasting lining.

Its main fabric is 100% polyester Though they recommend its washing and care so that it can last longer. Therefore, hand washing, no bleach, no dryer, ironing at low temperatures up to 110°C, and no dry cleaning are outstanding.

What are we wearing this jacket for?

It is very versatile.Because on the one hand, we have an informal vibe that allows you to wear it jeans, jogging pants and sports pants, etc. But it also offers a more elegant look, allowing you to wear a jacket with dresses, skirts, heels when it’s cold, and at parties and events you’ve already got on your calendar for the season to start.

As you can see, you wear it with all kinds of beautiful clothes and you always look perfect.

where did you buy this jacket

You can find it on the Scalpers website which always offers quality clothing. Its price is 139 euros, Although you can also pay in 3 interest-free instalments for EUR 46.33, just in case things get better, saving you money.

Now available in sizes S, M and L so you can choose the size that works best for you, whether you want it looser or tighter to define your waist.

more clothing

With the web, you can buy really fast and flexible, always thanks to its ease of trading. There is a wide variety of clothing and accessories, always in season and of high quality.This You wear it for all your various outings and it always offers a modern and on-trend feel.andThat’s the case with this animal print jacket you know you must have this season because it’s really different, versatile and very original. Don’t run out of it because then the size will run out.


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