Scalper’s executive vest to go to the office


There are models for going to work. As the jacket scalper’s CEO to go to the office. Something that feels perfect on a daily basis and that lifts our look to always be more elegant all the time.

You can combine it with a striped jacket and trousers. In any case, it works well because you wear this vest with all the things you have at home and you always look good.

Signs of Scalper’s Executive Vest

We are talking about the striped vest that is made of light elastic fabric. presents Slim Fit cut, V-neckin addition to its button closure and the detail in the inserted pockets.

This stylish vest is on sale, so you can take advantage of a cheaper price in an instant. Before the discount it cost 74 euros, and now it costs 37.90 euros. As you can see, it is the perfect garment to wear with your jackets and that jacket in the same or a different color.

But since it is a very versatile vest, it is also perfect to wear with jeans in different colors, with a t-shirt or blouse under or without anything and thus it remains without sleeves. You can wear the suit with shoes, to be completely elegant. But also with sneakers because then you offer that very different and more informal look that is also perfect for all the occasions you want.

With what to complement the striped vest

With pants in diplomatic line of the same model. In this case, it has a flared cut, a crossed button closure at the waist and a recessed back pocket. Now it is also on sale and costs 59.90 euros when its price was previously 99 euros. another offer to be able to combine perfectly with this star vest that you will want to wear every morning.

Scalper's executive vest to go to the office

Complete this look with those pendants in different colors ring earrings or cascade or with a briefcase or shopping bag to take your computer everywhere, especially if you have a meeting outside the office.

On Scalper’s website, you have a variety of garments on hand because they are now on sale, so you can not miss such accessories. It’s time to get thise vest, jacket or trousers and thus go as the boss you have always dreamed of being and that you can now offer this look as many times as you want. It’s easy, you just have to click and buy!

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