Scalper shoes for you who love to be comfortable and stylish

Sneakers are the star shoes of the season, and in El Corte Inglé’s online store we have signed some scalper’s trainer They are good for spring and summer. As comfortable as sneakers and elegant as heels, they have a spectacular design and are very easy to combine.

Made of 70% textile and 30% carbon leather, They are a wonderful Scalpers shoe for off-road women like us, who spend the day walking from one place to another. The special wide EVA sole provides maximum comfort. Unlike the standard rubber sole, EVA one provides good cushioning and is also a very elastic, light and flexible material.

Regarding sneaker designThe truth is that it could not be more beautiful. In white and with details in green, pink and black, they have a striped lace closure.

When it comes to sneakers, we may think that they are only combined with sports-style garments, but nothing is further from the truth. For a mid-season look with a lot of style, we can choose one skirt in leather effect and one T-shirt long-sleeved or a fine knit sweater.

The garments in leather effect they have been in fashion in 2021, and will continue to be a trend in 2022. We can also combine Scalper’s sneakers with jeans, a t-shirt and a leather effect jacket. We have a world of possibilities!

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, sneakers also look great with one short or long midi shirt dress. Light colors are popular, so by taking advantage of the fact that sneakers are neutral in color, we can choose garments in, for example, yellow or fuchsia.

Without a doubt, the women’s shoes are of very good quality, which we will surely get a lot of 365 days a year. It is worth investing in them because we have rarely found sneakers that combine so well style and comfort.

They are in El Corte Inglé’s online store for 89 euros. In-store pick-up and Clic & car service are free. We also have the opportunity to choose same-day delivery for 5.90 euros. Some issues are sold out, so if you want them, you better keep an eye on them!

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