Say goodbye to hanging: Leroy Merlin sweeps the dryer that slips everywhere


Having a good place to dry your clothes at home can be a challenge for many people, as you can’t always have a dryer or a large clothesline, and even with a clothesline it can be quite cumbersome. Today we show you a clothes dryer Leroy Merlin which is so original and compact that you can put it practically in any corner of your home and it will do you an incredible service.

Leroy Merlin has in its extensive catalog a long list of products that can be very useful to you. foyer, in all its sections, and is that everything you need for your home, it is very likely that you can find it in the French store, always at fantastic prices and with guaranteed quality. With this product they scored a spectacular goal.

The Leroy Merlin dryer that is winning sales

It is MERCATOOLS MT-01565 dryera fantastic device that will come in handy so you don’t have to hang up your clothes and is smashing up sales thanks to its usefulness and great price, since it only costs €44.99. Compared to the cost of a clothes dryer, this great gadget is clearly one of those investments that are worth it, as the results are fantastic and using it will truly change your life saving you a lot of time.

East dryer by Leroy Merlin It has an ideal size so that you can place it anywhere in the house, with a power of 1000 W, with the possibility of distribute air 360º so that the drying process is much faster and more efficient, because going out in all directions saves time and prevents clothes from creasing. It has a capacity of 10 kg and a low noise level, which is undoubtedly appreciated.

Its format is so compact that it measures 52 cm wide, 60 cm high and 39 cm deep, and Leroy Merlin offers you a two-year warranty with your purchase. There is no doubt that this is an amazing device that can let you Say goodbye to hanging clothes at home and having to wait hours for it to dry, because with this dryer from Leroy Merlin in no time it will be ready to be ironed or put away, depending on what it is.


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