Say goodbye to barcode wrinkles with these remedies


Over time, the first expression lines appear on the skin.Even if we take care of ourselves skin, This is inevitable and will happen eventually. However, there are some aesthetic treatments that can eliminate them fundamentally. This time, we are going to talk about the famous “barcode”, which is located on the upper part of the lips.exist Aker Clinic They have a Fotona laser treatment that “can be done safely at any time of the year. It is done in the mouth and can rejuvenate the facial skin even in these summers because it does not require special care and it does not show up after treatment The risk of spots.”

Laser treatment can eliminate upper lip wrinkles. /Arques Clinic

The treatment aims to eliminate this “complexity” and is based on a “minimally invasive, painless regeneration procedure without surgery”.this Futong Laser By applying controlled heat to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin, it works through the skin (without damaging tissues).In just 10 minutes, this innovative technology can lighten, reduce and correct wrinkles in the upper lip area, improve skin tone, promote the natural production of collagen and achieve Obviously younger».

more importantly, professional The person in charge of this treatment ensures that the effects are gradual and that “they will increase over time.” In addition, “it can regenerate and stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin”, “tighten, firm and moisturize the skin”, “last effect”, “process fast, comfortable and effective, only 20 minutes”, “” It is painless, does not leave scars, can recover immediately and has no contraindications” and so on.

From Beauty ClinicThey promised that “the visible results of a single session are already obvious. Depending on the specific situation, additional treatments may be needed to enhance the rejuvenating effect. In the free diagnosis session, the specialist will individually study the skin condition and indicate how many sessions are needed Achieve the results the patient wants”.

Moreover, as for the advantages of this treatment, they said, “There are many creams on the market. Their effect only acts on the very superficial layers of the skin and cannot reduce wrinkles or regenerate tissues, so they are not effective treatments. By themselves. In other words, surgery is a more aggressive type of surgery that requires prior preparation and a longer and more uncomfortable follow-up recovery. Futong Laser This is a process that works from the inside, so in addition to improving the oxygenation of the treated area, it also promotes the natural production of collagen and elastin and ensures effective, visible and long-lasting results. “

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