Satin: star fabric that you can wear in all seasons


All of these fashionistas are very clear on one thing, and that is satin It is the star weave in all seasons, because it is sophisticated, elegant and glamorous to the same extent. Although this trend a few years ago did not prevail among fashionistas, now more and more people are advocating this news that has of course come to a halt. This is confirmed by both High fashion as brands ‘low cost’ such as those belonging to the Inditex, Asos, Shein group, among others.

Zara It is one of the stores where more variety can be found. In addition, if we choose neutral colors such as nude, white or black, we make sure that these garments will serve us for life. From “LOOK” we have found some pieces that will be your new obsession. Do you want to discover them?

Satin blouse from Zara./Zara

Satin shirt

The shirt satin It is a “must” that must not be missed in our dressing room, as it will avoid many headaches. If it is summer, we can combine it with shorts and sandals, either flat, with some heels or esparto. The good thing about this fabric is that it offers endless possibilities to combine what we like best.

Specifically, this ivory stone design from the Galician company has a price of 29.99 euros. It has the property that it is liquid with puffed sleeves and a bow at the waist. A unique pattern that will be the star of our clothes. It can be found from size S to L, both in a physical store and on the official website.

Satin dress

Satin dresses, our eternal allies, regardless of the season. When it comes to winter, as it is a delicate and fine fabric, we can combine it with high-heeled boots or cow-boy style and add a cardigan to give a “street style” style that everyone will want to imitate.

Black satin dress from Zara./Zara
Black satin dress from Zara./Zara

Satin pencil dress

Regarding the skirts of satin it must be said that they are a terrain garment, but what does that mean? Very easy. These clothes are used both daily, for example to go to the office with more casual shoes like the classic Converse or vice versa for a more formal event. The difference is only noticeable in the choice of accessories, which are those that can rotate the entire unit 180 degrees.

Satin skirt from Zara./Zara
Satin skirt from Zara./Zara

Zara proposes this pen design for 22.95 euros in a black high waist. It is possible to acquire it from size XS to XL. From the brand itself, they explain about this garment that they work with “monitoring programs to ensure compliance with the safety, health and quality standards of our products. The Green to Wear 2.0 standard aims to minimize the environmental impact of textile production. For this we have developed the program Inditex The List which helps us to guarantee both the purity of the production processes and the safety and health of our garments ”.

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