Sarong skirt: the garment that must not be missing in your summer wardrobe


It’s still summer to be able to wear the garment of the moment: sarong dress. A design ‘low cost’ which can avoid headaches. Thanks to its versatility, it can also be placed in different ways, we can even make a kind of dress. Perfect for those days at the beach or “pool party”. In stores like Zara, Mango, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear can be found. Also on online platforms like Shein or Asos. And if we want to get out of the typical clothes, in the markets they usually also sell them boho chic inspiration.

There is no doubt that the madness of this madness has created a new need for us. The same thing happens with celebrities the size of sisters Kardashian-Jenner or influencers like Marta Lozano or Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo, who every day show that the sarong can not be missed in their best outfits during the summer season. From ‘LOOK’ we will show you some of them and how to wear them with a lot of glamor. Please note and do not forget the following tip.

How to wear a pareo skirt

The easiest way we always resort to is the following. We place the sarong behind the hip and take both ends to connect it. But to give it a more special touch is what we can do instead of tying it in the central part, we will do it against one of the sides. In this way, the fabric of the sarong will cascade and create one different effect.

We can also make a triangle with the sarong fabric and then place it around the waist. So we will wear a ‘look’ mmore symmetrical and elegant.

Although the size of the play is large, we can do two kinds: crop top and skirt. To do this, we just need to place the two ends at chest height and then tie at the neck.

This season we set the trends ourselves, because when it comes to color, everything goes in the summer. There are those from ordinary to with the most daring prints. Undoubtedly, there is a wide range of options to showcase the tone or model that more comfortable we feel.

They are cheap, versatile and a guaranteed investment, for every year we can reuse it, because the key so that each “outfit” that we wear is different lies in the combination of accessories and accessories that we invest in. Take a look at the fashion brands and do not miss yours. And you, How do you like to wear it?

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