Sare asks San Sebastian for the “end of the exceptional legislation” for ETA prisoners


San Sebastián, Oct. 8 (EFE).- The support group for ETA prisoners, Sare, demanded this Saturday “the end of the emergency legislation” which, in its opinion, applies to these prisoners , in a massive demonstration that crossed several streets of the capital of Gipuzkoa and ended with the celebration of a music festival.

“We are facing an abuse of power that includes full compliance with sentences, contrary to the spirit of criminal prison legislation,” said spokespersons for Sare Joseba Azkarraga and Bego Atxa in a statement that they read at the end of the demonstration next to the Illumbe Pavilion, where also participated the bertsolaris Maialen Lujanbio and Amets Arzallus.

The procession, among which were several representatives of EH Bildu and Podemos, had started a few minutes earlier, in the Plaza de Pío XII in the San Sebastian district of Amara, led by a banner with the motto of mobilization ” Etxera bidea gertu” (The way back is near), which put an end to the bet launched more than two years ago, to travel “as many kilometers as there are inhabitants” in its mobilizations in Euskadi, in Navarre and the French Basque Country.

At the end of the demonstration, the participants gathered in the Illumbe area, where the organizers read a statement in which they reiterated their objective “to ensure that all prisoners, exiles and deportees can carry out their process of returning home”.

“That’s why we can’t let our guard down, or relax. We are fine, yes, but we still have many stages to win”, condemned the organizers, after which they insisted that with this type of mobilization they were not “defending partisan political objectives” but ” human rights”.

“And it is here that it is possible to walk together, people who have different political ideologies, but who unite us in the defense of the rights that assist people deprived of their liberty. This is the line to follow, ”they abounded.

Moments before the celebration of this march, the PNV issued a statement announcing that it was not going to participate in the demonstration despite the fact that it “subscribes to Sare’s demand for the repeal of prison legislation which violates the rights of victims”.

Regarding this absence of the PNV, Joseba Azkarraga said, in statements to journalists, that it is something that “fits into the strategy of political parties” in which Sare “does not enter” and “simply respects deeply” .


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