Sarah Ferguson is Queen Elizabeth’s best hope


For Queen Elizabeth, her pets are part of her family. The monarch was very fond of both her horses and her dogs.In fact, it is quite common to see the monarch walking with her small corgior horseback riding in Balmoral or Windsor land, and more importantly, some recent last pictures of mothers king charleswalked around a Scottish castle with his dog shortly before his death.

Queen Elizabeth and some corgis. / Getreth

Some pets have now become “orphans”. Not only corgis, but also Emma, ​​the pony the king often rides, and according to a recent report from Buckingham Palace, Emma will continue to look after her in the royal stables.

However, when it comes to his corgis, it is the Duke and Duchess of York who look after them. A detail that drew particular attention as it re-emphasized that Prince Andrew was the closest person to the Queen. Despite their divorce, Andres and Sarah Ferguson both lived in the royal cottage until King Charles made a decisive decision about their future. It doesn’t seem to happen immediately.

queen isabelle
Queen Elizabeth’s Corgi. / Getreth

While the Duke of York has not spoken at the moment and is staying behind the scenes, his ex-wife has issued a brief statement to the paper The Telegraph, in which he talked about how Queen Elizabeth’s puppies were, and he didn’t hesitate to welcome them after the monarch’s death.It was a great privilege for her to be able to take care of her, as she promised Sandy Mook -that’s how the puppies are named- and consider them “national treasures”. The Duchess said the pets were very well behaved.

two corgis queen isabelle They join the five puppies Sarah and Andres already have at home. As he puts it, Mook and Sandy seem to be adjusting well to their new home: “Everyone knows each other very well”. We can’t forget that Mook was Prince Andrew’s gift to his mother last year during the pandemic, and, in recent years, the Duke of York has been the owner of this pet. When the Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to hospital, the prince bought the queen two puppies, but when one of them, Fergus, died, the queen was devastated and gave him another, Sandy.

queen isabelle
Sarah Ferguson at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. / Getreth

For this reason, it’s no surprise that the York family was chosen to look after the Queen’s pets. Even so, it’s a nice detail that highlights the monarch’s trust and support for son Andres and her ex-daughter-in-law, with whom she has had several disagreements because of the divorce.At the same time he Duke of Edinburgh She never forgave Sarah, and the Queen did restore her relationship and give her a place in the family again. There’s no better proof of this than the fact that you’ve become the guardian of your beloved pet.


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