Sara Carbonero’s most anticipated debut: her return to TV channels


The wait is over. Sara Carneiro Facing a new season of radio programs Let the dance go on. A few weeks later pause, The space it presents has returned to the electric wave. «Good afternoon, dear listeners.We started the second season Let the dance go on. It’s been a long time to wait, but we’ve arrived.” This is Sara’s first sentence when she starts a new episode. “We will be accompanied by a variety of characters, music and cultural figures in the future. Here, leave their message in a special way,” he added enthusiastically.

“I’m very impatient, because we have many surprises, we will tell you little by little. This year, we look forward to your cooperation, listeners. Thank you very much for joining us. We will ensure that both good times and bad times Let the dance go on“, the correspondent finished. After a while, Carbonero introduced the first guest, Fito Cabrales, an artist who has devoted his life to music.

This reporter expressed her happiness that she can continue to control the above-mentioned space. Carbonello commented via Instagram on September 3 that he was “very happy” to announce on Radio Marca that he will continue the news for another season. «A growing project makes me equally excited. Let the dance go on Have your own entity and become a new program that you can listen to from 15:00 to 16:00 every Thursday. I am waiting for you to taste an hour of good music and wonderful interviews with leading figures in the cultural world,” he said.

Sara Carbonero is in the file image. /Gtres

«Enhancing everything done in the first season, in Let the dance go on We will continue to excite, disconnect and enjoy the sensitivity and art of our guests. A relaxing chat with famous artists, where we will learn more about the people we admire.Music, film, drama, television, literature, health… everything has a place in this show, I will have the honor to direct and present, surrounded by the best partner you can have, and the production and talents of my beloved @beetle», he added with emotion.

Sara Carbonero premiered the second season of
Sara Carbonero premiered the second season of “Let the Dance Follow”. / Instagram @saracarbonero

It’s a summer Sara Carneiro He is enjoying being single recently.Last March, communicators and Casillas They announced that they would part ways, but “respect” will always exist between them. Although the Real Madrid exporter does not seem to rebuild her life, as far as Sara is concerned, she once again gave herself a chance to fall in love. Related to this reporter is Kiki Morente.In fact, as published in the magazine, they were photographed walking together in the streets of Madrid a few days ago Week. The founder and artist of Slow Love enjoyed a delicious dinner at one of Sara’s favorite restaurants in Madrid, Austria.

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