Sara Carbonero’s fringed jacket conquered us


Sara Carbonero is a successful journalist and influencer In each of her appearances, she has earned herself one of the best dressed and valued fighters in our country. We met Carneiro, who fell in love with a famous football player when she was a reporter at the World Cup, won a gold medal for our country and started a beautiful love story. Since then, Sara Carbonero’s network has brought us to a woman who has made herself a professional and entrepreneur for her own clothing brand.

Sara Carbonero’s fringed jacket conquered us

Slow Love is the clothing brand of Sara Carbonero, in which we can discover the latest and most beautiful designs with a spectacular boho and retro vibe. The love that reporters poured into the design of each garment in the collection was palpable. We can find clothes that are always beautiful and suitable for any type of woman, regardless of age or size.

fringed jacket of Sarah Carbonero sold at Cotfield. In the brand’s online store, we can find essential clothing for this time of year. On the coldest mornings, we have to wear a jacket that will be our best letter of introduction.

Inspired by the 70’s we succumb to a huntress There are a lot of life edges that are elements that move in our path and make us feel especially good in front of the mirror. Whether paired with jeans, a skirt, or a dress, they’ll add style to any look, and this Sara Carbonero jacket will look great on us.

Has a suede effect and some details This would make it the perfect choice for our daily halftime. It has no buttons so we can use it with a brooch or accessory scarf on days when the season is not so cold. It’s a great option for our more informal day-to-day.

Sara Carbonero's fringed jacket conquered us

Beige breaks away from regular black and white, giving them a completely different finish. You can wear this type of jacket in a thousand different ways, following Sara Carbonero’s model. It can be much cheaper than it looks, and at just 99.99 euros, it’s a great value.


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