Sara Carbonero style Boho dress with Converse from Stradivarius


Sara Carbonero is an unconditional fan of sneakers chat Ingeniously combined with bohemian-style dresses Stradivari. It’s time to buy those extremely comfortable and versatile clothing that will provide us with a variety of looks. In the fall, wear sneakers to play in the park, or put on boots to release our love on a romantic night away from home. Everything is possible, everything is of Sara Carneiro Never fail, get your Converse ready and get this Stradivarius costume.

Stradivarius has a boho dress that Sara Carbonero will combine with her Converse

It’s him When taking Converse out of the closet in the middle of the year And began to look for clothes that combined with them. The new Stradivarius series is very Sara Carbonero style, it conveys the bohemian, peace and tranquility of this reporter. We follow his life philosophy, that kind of slow-paced air, and enjoy the present, present, here and now of the person we love. No uncomfortable clothes, absolutely comfortable.

Bohemian dress from the new Stradivarius collection with a very 70s print. These color combinations came with the hippie movement and the search for primitives. Natural tones and oriental prints are reminiscent of handmade works from far away countries.

Sara Carbonero style Boho dress with Converse from Stradivarius

Low cut and button sleeves, In this way you can refine the graphics. As if we are the true queen of seventies charm, with a V neckline and decorated with the same buttons as the three-quarter sleeves, we will be able to balance the upper body. Whether you have a big breast or a small breast, it will be the protagonist of this design, destined to show femininity in an elegant environment.

Mid-length skirts and long trousers allow our body to enjoy maximum comfort They just created this piece suitable for any occasion from the new Stradivarius series.We can see it with a jacket Sleeveless, we will see a kind of clothing that floods shop windows and streets. With sneakers or high boots, we will give a very beautiful dress the finish we want.

Sara Carbonero style Boho dress with Converse from Stradivarius

They are only 25.99 euros, Invest in dresses we will wear in autumn, coats in winter, and wear our Sara Carbonero style Converse or any other shoes in spring, it will be impressive. Let yourself be attracted by the comfort and free movement of the spectacular Stradivarius dress.

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