Sara Carbonero or how to make your hair grow in a few moments

In each of her public appearances, Sara Carbonero manages to surprise. It has been on one last occasion when the journalist has appeared in her Radio Marca program let the dance continue, where she has become the big protagonist as a result of a completely unexpected makeover.

Sara Carbonero in a file image / Gtres

How could it be otherwise, this year’s first program has had one of the most special visits. Miguel Angel Munoz came to market the famous documentary 100 days with Tata, a direct tribute to his grandmother for having been one of his basic supports since childhood. In a very entertaining chat, Sara could not help but be moved to remember the affection with which the actress treats her “tata”, provokes endless positive and affective emotions in the viewer.

Carbonero showed off his characteristic style and stood in front of the microphone in his program with an image where a certain physical change was appreciated, barely noticeable to the eye. The one from Corral de Almaguer wore its peculiar wavy hair, though a few inches longer than usual. Just a few hours before, he posted on his social networks a snapshot with a cut that reached just above his chest. But the surprise came later, when almost “through sorcery” the hair of the ex of Iker Casillas It had grown to 10 centimeters. How did he get it?

It is obvious that it is quite boring to wait months and months for the hair to go from lying on the shoulders to having a pronounced length. That is why there are more and more celebrities and influencerswho prefer to make this change as quickly as possible and invest in fashion with extensions, a trend that never goes out of fashion and today can hardly be distinguished from natural hair. An effect that Sara Carbonero has achieved with even greater success, taking into account that he has chosen extensions that change different tones clearer, which gives a feeling of movement and relief.

Sara Carbonero / Gtres
Sara Carbonero chooses a short black jumpsuit./Gtres

Although this is the last change of see to which the communicator has been exposed, it has not been the only one. Given that she has pretty fine hair, a few months ago ex to the former Real Madrid goalkeeper decided to cut a few layers to give volume to his hair. An alternative that combines perfectly with the curtain-type fringe that she has worn on more than one occasion and that has given more shape to her face, without the typical cuts to welcome originality. It was actually at the beginning of last year when Sara closely followed Coco Chanel’s statement “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”, and wanted to kick off a new scene with a midi-cut that proved to be a success.

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