Sara Carbonero is discharged from hospital after her urgent operation


After the storm the sun always rises, and that is precisely what has happened to Sara Carbonero in the last few hours. It was last Monday, November 21, when the emblematic presenter of the Sports section of Telecinco underwent emergency surgery at the Clínica Universitaria de Navarra, where she has remained hospitalized for a week and in the company of her loved ones until, finally, , the relevant professionals have deemed it appropriate to discharge her.

In these last seven days, the concern, in all corners of the country, has been maximum towards the communicator, and it is not for less. And it is that, nobody expected that, three years after announcing that she suffers from ovarian cancer and finding herself in a very happy moment on a professional and personal level, Iker Casillas’ ex would attend an assessment at the center in question for which the doctors believed that it was best for her to undergo surgery immediately.

Throughout all these days, the expectation that has revolved around Corral de Almaguer has been very considerable, although for the moment no details have been revealed about the reasons that have led her to undergo surgery again. However, her friend and her partner Isabel Jiménez had already had the opportunity to speak with some colleagues from the Fuencarral chain such as Marta López, taking the opportunity to send a reassuring message by assuring that everything is fine.

Sara Carbonero and Isabel Jiménez / Gtres

But it seems that the malaise has come to an end, and finally, Sara was discharged from the hospital this afternoon to start a new stage in her life.. This is how the magazine revealed it Week in scoop, hinting that it is likely that very soon the master of ceremonies will pluck up the courage to perhaps reveal to her more than 3 million followers on Instagram what has been the reason why she had to undergo surgery, which continues to be all a mystery

Sara Carbonero/Gtres
Sara Carbonero greeting / Gtres

However, and given its presence within the 2.0 universe, Carbonero has proven to be in perfect condition to publish stories both fragments of his favorite songs and a rainbow that broke the clouds, a symbol of resistance despite the adversities that may happen in his way. On the other hand, Isabel Jiménez was seen last Saturday, November 26, leaving the hospital where her friend was staying with a cap on which the word could be read Hopewhich has no other meaning in Spanish than “hope”, and that is precisely what all those close to the communicator surely feel in the face of this new bump that has hit her life in the most unexpected way.

Who also seems to be aware of Sara’s evolution is her ex, Iker Casillas, who despite working at the World Cup in Qatar as a commentator for some of the matches, has not hesitated to show his anger at the speed with which he had spread the news.


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