Sara Carbonero ended her most unusual summer with the best news


This summer is very special for Sara Carbonero.The reporter enjoyed her first holiday after being isolated from the world Casillas It’s also the first rumor of a romantic relationship with a singer Kiki Morente. For reporters, this is a different summer, and he adds the finishing touch to the summer with the best news.

Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero in the file picture of Navalacruz/Gtres resting for a few days

Sara Carbonero has faced new challenges at the professional level since September. Just a few hours ago, the program production planned for the next few months was announced. To La Mancha’s delight, Radio Marca decided to use its own space to identify it.A few months later, Carbonero has been introducing this section ‘Let the dance continue’, Will now become an autonomous program, which will be broadcast every Thursday from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The second day of the new season will be the sixth day, and more details of this new project in La Mancha will be known.

On a personal level, after working with Casillas for more than a decade, the couple announced their separation through social networks a few months ago. Since then, Sara has been very focused on her professional aspects and caring for her two children, Martin and LucasHowever, rumors about having an affair with singer Kiki Morente are getting louder and louder, especially because the reporter chose to spend a few days in Cadiz on vacation, and the artist also spent his vacation there.

We must add one point to this, just a few days ago, Kiki had a recital with her sister, Estrella Morente and Chipiona’s other artists. Many famous people attended a concert, including Sara Carbonero, who was accompanied by her friend Jessica Cánovas, It’s better known as “La Flaka”Although Sara has always been very cautious and cautious in her relationship with artists, reporter She did not refuse to take photos with the people attending the recital. In the photo, she wore a green skirt and white shirt, showing a charming tan.

Regarding Casillas, the couple continue to maintain a good relationship for the benefit of their two children, as they themselves promised in their declaration of separation. A few weeks ago, they happened to be at the wedding of some friends in Valladolid and they could be seen chatting in a friendly way. When the fire broke out in Navarre Cruz, Sara did not hesitate to express support for Avi La Town, where we have seen our family many times. Enjoy a few days of vacation.

Kiki Morente went to Cadiz for vacation without Sara Carbonero / Gtres
Kiki Morente/Gtres during vacation in Cadiz this summer

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